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Restarted my tank. Still losing shrimp here and there.

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An update from my last thread.


I did some changes to my tank that members here suggested. I bought a cooling fan which has brought my temperatures down to 70-74 and I added crushed coral to raise my Ph to about 6.6-6.8. I checked my parameters and I am at about-


Ammonia- 0

Nitrite- 0

Nitrate- 0-5


I also upgraded their food to Shirakura Shrimp Food from regular Fluvial pellets and they go crazy over it.


Even with this I am still having some very expensive die offs. I have various Caridina Serrata, Caridina Cantonensis, and Neocaridina Heteropoda. 


I have probably lost about 6 or so of the last 41 I purchased. Very upsetting given the fact that I have spent so much time and research on this. Any guidance?



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Are gh and kh in acceptable range? You provide a wide reading range for nitrates. Do you use a dedicated test for each parameters, or all-in-one? All-in-one test are not trustworthy.

Do you use ro water or tap water? Tap water needs to be left in a bucket for around a day or two for chlorine to evaporate. Tap might also contain copper (if you have copper pipes )which is lethal for shrimps.RO water needs to be properly remineralised.

Do you use any fertilizers in the tank? They also contain copper

Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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I'm from New York, so we might have water that is similar in water quality, the tap water here has a hardness of around 40 tds coming straight out of the tap, so you will have to remineralize it for the shrimp to survive molting. My pH out of the tap is 7, but yours may be 6 due to the ADA aquasoil which will buffer your water to a pH of 6. It may also be the cause of your ammonia I believe new ADA aquasoil has been known to release it for a 4-6 week period on average in the tank, during this time you will have to do a few extra water changes to keep the levels down, removing it from your tank may cause your pH to go back to 7, but you should test your tap water first just to make sure. If you are seeing molts in your tank followed by dead shrimp, the shrimp may be dying after they molt which would indicate a tds level, and if they are just standing around in the tank and not being active, they may be starving to death. Starting up a shrimp tank hobby is pretty expensive when you first start and honestly your going to lose shrimp, I lost a pretty large amount due to the learning curve, but if you keep at it you will succeed.

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41/35 shrimp, that's a lot.  How big is your tank? 

I am guessing, you need more plants/moss.  Just pack it in.  Moss provides food and soaks up excess nutrients.  And dried leaves, almond.  Put a bag of charcoal wouldn't hurt either.

And don't feed so much.

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