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How do you choose what goes in your tank?


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Hi all,


Up front: I know this is a shrimp forum, so answers will heavily weight towards shrimp keeping. However, I'm sure people here keep animals other than shrimp (I keep pea puffers and ramshorns as well!).


I’ve been in the aquarium hobby for 10 or so years and have been breeding freshwater shrimp for ~8 years. I’ve cared for both salt and fresh tanks from 5g to 180g. Now in graduate school at the University of Connecticut, I’m working on a project trying to understand buying habits/desires (aside from my own) of aquarium hobbyists to see where the trade is going.


If you have 3-5 minutes, would you answer the questions on my survey for some preliminary data?




I’d be happy to answer any questions as well!

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Done my friend. College is always fun, I'm a junior undergrad at West Virginia University(Mechanical Engineering) Best of luck this coming year!

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Finished :) that was fun 

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