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Hello Guys I am using UG and Poreous Ceramic Ring for my upcoming shrimp rank project.

But I can notice that whichever tank I have used new ceramic ring have a high value of TDS, whereas I am using 100% RO water. The TDS I am currently getting is 120-130ppm, whereas the RO water TDS is around 30ppm.

The soil is ADA Amazonia so it is not a culprit causing the spike in TDS.

So any way I can reduce the leeching? Should I do more water changes?

Looking forward to thoughts.

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Any time you use a man made product there is going to be some associated dust with that product.  I guessing after rinsing there will still be some dust in the pores.  I would try to take some rings and put them in a bucket with a lid and hot water and some sand to cushion the rings.  The hot water will expand the ceramic somewhat and with constant agitation (gently rolling the bucket) will dislodge some of that dust.   Or someone who does rock tumbling for jewelry would have a tumbler that would go slow enough to not break the rings as well.  Just a guess.  ( I still use UGF as well !)

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@oem thank you so much for the response.
I have used hot water to wash of the ceramic rings for the new tanks, and can see lot more dust accumulated at the bottom of the bucket. So I guess when I will start running those tanks they will be inert.

Regarding the older tanks I have done heavy water change and can see that 2-3 tanks leeching has dropped significantly. I have siphoned the water from the UG.

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