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BIG Onsale only at KMT Shrimp


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Taiwan Bees - Caridina Family
Blue Bolts 
Wine Red Panda Shrimp 
Black Taiwan Bee Mixed
Full Black Extreme Shrimp
Black Panda Shrimp
Blue Bolt Mosura
Red Ruby Shrimp
Red Shadow Mosura Shrimp
Full Red Extreme Shrimp
Yellow King Kong Shrimp  
Aura Blue / Yellow King Kong Hybrid  

Crystal Red and Blacks - Pure Line
Pure Red Line Shrimps - S/S+ pattern
Pure Red Line Shrimps - SS to SSS
Pure Black Line Shrimps - S/S+ pattern-NOT AVAILABLE
Pure Black Line Shrimps - SS to SSS-NOT AVAILABLE
Super Crystal Red Shrimp (1-3 stripe)
Super Crystal Red Shrimp(santa Grade)

Neocaridina Shrimps 
Dreamy Blue or Fantasty Blue Shrimp -NOT AVAILABLE
Green Jade Shrimp-NOT AVAILABLE
Bloody Mary Shrimp-NOT AVAILABLE

Tiger Shrimps - Caridina Family
Blue Tigers Orange Eyes Shrimp 
Black Tiger Orange Eye Shrimps (BT0) 
Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp-NOT AVAILABLE
Tangerine Tiger Shrimp 
Red Tiger Shrimps 
Red Tiger Orange Eyes 
Red Fancy Tiger Shrimps 
Aura Blue Tiger Shrimp 

Pinto shrimps
Black Zebra Pinto Shrimp (5 line)
Black Multi Stripe Pinto Shrimp
Mosura Black Spotted Head (3-5 spots)
Red Zebra Pinto Shrimp (5 line)
Red Multi Stripe Pinto
Mosura Red Spotted Head (3-5 spots)
Black Spotted Head Mischling (Hybrid)
Red Spotted Head Mischling (Hybrid)


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