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Which neocaridina davidi colors can be kept together?

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Hi Harry,


I'm pretty new to shrimp keeping as well but from my understanding of neocaridina genetics, the ones with similar colors, for example red rili, red cherry, painted red, etc. Can be kept together without producing too many wild offspring, however it could degrade the deep reds that some of your painted reds might have. Neocaridina davidi's of different colors however will produce wild colored offspring. This is from my understanding after a lot of research..I hope someone else can correct me if I'm wrong! :) happy holidays!

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Not always wild. If you combine shrimp from the same wildtype lineage (cherry, chocolate, carbon, or yellow) you won't get wild types. For example, you can combine blue dreams and carbon rilis and won't produce wilds. Similarly chocolates and bloody Mary's can go together. With that being said, the offspring will eventually all revert back to the dominant phenotype. There are a few exceptional line like chocolate or Lucas Bretz's skittle shrimp, which throw all sorts of colors.

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