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Manzanita sales right now on http://www.bloomsandbranches.com

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unless its specified for aquariums, I wouldnt use them. A lot of manzanita branches are bleached and stuff and used for decorative uses like weddings. At a LFS near me, I was looking at some manzanita branches and a worker walked buy to make sure I knew it wasnt tank safe. Each branch had a sticker that warned not for aquariums too. Just for Lizards or other usages.

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I have ordered from Blooms and Branches . A few manzineta pieces and some driftwood. I bought sandblasted and red branches, I soaked both and they are awesome in my 6" L 150 gallon, awesome wood you can actually prune too. Be sure to get the free shipping deal though. My fed ex shipping charges were as much as what I spent... almost 20.00. Rip off. so FREE Shipping... go for it !

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