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Soothing Shrimp

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I only have 11 SCR aka Santa Shrimp left if I counted correctly.  Hard to find var. and nice quality. Juvie/young adult.  Unsexed.


I originally was going to cross with CBS to make a line of Super Blacks, but exiting shrimping. Parameters are just regular CRS params.




A said, if I counted correctly, I have:

Fulls are $25 ea (Means just white on head/tail).......... I have 5.

1-Stripes are $20 ea (Means in addition to white on head/tail, 1 white stripe on back).......... I have 3.

2-Stripes are $15 ea (Means in addition to white on head/tail, 2 white stripes on back).......... I have 3. Gone!


Priority insulated shipping + heat pack in continental US is $12

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