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Love nerites


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Hi Valek,


That's a nice piece of driftwood you got there!! Here's my experience about algae. I tried Nerite snails and Siamese Algae Eater. Both have decreased my algae problem in my 75 gallon tank. However, I keep getting slimy algae coating on my plants ( I think just like yours) despite my weekly water change routine (never missed a week) and decrease time on light exposure. I could not stand it anymore. My plants were growing slow due to the algae coating. So, I decided to buy three ottos. And just like that, the algae problem on my plants are gone (9 out of 10 if I have to grade). They just kept eating algae. It was a pretty fast pace. They stayed in one area in my aquarium for few days. When the algae's were gone, they moved to different location. Now, I have to supply my tank with vegetable just for them (algae can't keep up). 

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I totally agree!! I have not done much research about ottos besides their appetite for algae. I do agree that these guys need larger volume. In addition, I believe that they are community fish (based on my observation).

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Those are what I have with my driftwoods in my 75 gallon tank now. I used to take each out and scrapped every single one. But it just became a pain and time consuming. I am just hoping that it will get to a point that my plants propagate well that the eggs are not noticeable.

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