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Need help deciding on filters.

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So I finally got tired of the buzzing coming from two of my current filters and am looking for a good shrimp safe update and am not sure really what's best options. The two tanks I am looking for replacements for will be a ten gallon standard tank set up for Taiwan bees, and a 36 gallon bowfront tibee/neo tank. Give me your opinions based upon what you think would be best for my shrimp for each please and thank you.

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10 minutes ago, Memphis118 said:

You can always go:


Canister filter

Sponge Filter + air pump

Hang on back filter



Any option you pick will be fine. I went with over filtration, and have 2 sponge filters and a canister in my 17g

I was meaning more along the lines of specifics as I haven't had to buy any new filters in a while/don't know what specific brand/model are seen as best at the moment.And I was hoping to get opinions based on essentially the best option for each if starting from scratch as after the new filters cycle I plan to break down my current filters completely. For the ten gallon I will probably run a sponge for bio and extra surface agitation but would like a good mechanical filter to replace it's current mini canister, the 36 gallon either a good hob or canister and I'll probably run a bubble wall for extra surface agitation.


Edit:Also the 10 gallon is moderately planted and 36 I would say is heavily planted. Both no co2, but water movement is main factor I'm concerned with. I guess I was a bit vague in op.

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I have a Fluval c2 on a 10 gallon dwarf puffer tank and it filters pretty well. For your ten gallon aquarium I recommend you plant it and have a medium sponge filter. I don't have any aquariums larger than 20 gallons, but I am assuming that A few sponge filters and maybe a canister for your other tank? I'm no expert on any filter, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

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I'd go with a canister and sponge combo tbh especially for the bee tank. Both are silent also if you place it low enough, otherwise you will hear bubble noise from the sponge. I had the fluval c2. Great filter but its noisy unless you lub the spindle up than its silent af.

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How much do you want to spend is the question. It can be as little as $20 or so for a sponge filter and air pump or a Hamburg Mattenfilter, to  upwards of $200 dollars for a canister filter. Then we can get into sumps both above the tank and under it.


There is no easy answer to that without knowing more about the tank and the stock.


How big is the tank?

Is it planted?

What plants do you have?

Type of substrate?

How deep is the substrate? ( Aprox? The substrate plays an important role in the overall the nitrification process )

What type of fish do you have?

How many?


Filtration is important and getting it right is not always easy.

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I have aquaclear 20's in my ten gal tanks and they work perfectly. I put a piece of tubing on the outlets to create some surface agitation. No problems whatsoever. They are dead silence. 

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