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OEBT with brown spots!? I'm worried

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Hi all. I got 16 OEBT about 2 months ago. Half of them died in the first weeks. I have 7 left and seem to be ok as they are growing.


I've been getting quite nervous everytime I count them as it's hard to find them all. I'm checking daily out of paranoia that more are dying.


I noticed this brown spot maybe a week or so ago but haven't been able to figure out what it is. One more has a smaller brown spot and I'm getting worried... Any thoughts?




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What are the water parameters? And did you get them as imports or USA bred? I notice a significant reduction in the survivability and health of shrimp that I've gotten as imports. Even some of the shrimp that I got several months ago still don't seem to be as active and healthy as some of the USA bred ones that I got more recently. Also, did any of the ones that died in the first week have these brown spots as well? If you haven't had consistent deaths since the first ones died off, I'd think that they'd be okay by now, but those spots do seem strange. How's their activity? My OERBTs are always active and searching for food when I see them.


Sorry for all the questions. I tried to think of all the possible reasons that this may be happening. Hope it all works out.

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There is a brown spot/rust spot disease but I've not seen it personally.  (https://skfaquatics.com/forum/topic/5052-shrimp-diseases-and-diagnosis/ , search for rust)  I'm not positive this is it, but I do know that it is bacterial in nature.  How is the spotted shrimp acting?  Anything unusual?  You may want to quarantine them in a breeder box or something to keep a closer eye on that particular shrimp, just to see if it develops any odd behaviour in time.  


That being said, some OERBT to tend to go rusty especially over time.  I've not seen spots like this but I have seen some of mine go entirely rusty.  (I actually really like it and have started breeding a small colony selectively for it.)

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Thank you both. I have looked up the brown spot/brown shell disease and it seems to be the culprit.

Activity has been ok, but they pretty much don't leave one area of the tank, all of them have been on this one piece of mopani or Indian almond leaf that are on one side of the tank. They always seem to be eating which I suppose is good.

I did a 25% water change with a very slow drip for the new water. I also added erythromycin. I have that and ampicillin at the house. I'll do a standard run of the erythromycin over this week and see what happens.

The tank has so many hiding spots I've never been able to find any dead shrimp which is far from ideal. I am sure at this point that the other half of the group has perished as I've been able to account for 5-7 whenever I count.

Here's hoping!!!

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