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My CRS is berried!

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Never get old having shrimp berried. :)


I just got 5 crs earlier this year and now today one is berried!  :D


My up sand has them in roughly 4.6ph (pinpoint may need recalibrated.)  Amazingly enough, the moss grows fine, but not a sign of hair algae- even with 12+ hr lights.


Me happy camper.

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yepper.  We use that term relaxed and generically here, but it caused a huge argument/uproar overseas when two breeders came out with the same type of coloration with two different names at the same time.


Another argument was to breed it all red, or have a thin white stripe on the back and face.


They take shrimp VERY seriously overseas.

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Wow.  Seriously indeed! :)


...but you know, that raises the quality of aqua keeping quite a bit.


What I don't understand is that they have laws like that, and yet in some parts selling turtles or salamanders, etc heat sealed in a key chain until they die is okay.  *shrugs*  I think it's a cultural thang.

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