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Cycling new tank


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I am cycling a new 10 gallon aquarium with ada Amazonia light, using a Hamburg Matten filter with plants already planted including Buce, scarlet temple plant, subwassertang, and 2 other species.  I started off using the fishless cycle, but since week 4 now is week6 my ammonia has been stuck at 0.25 ppm.  I have been doing frequent water changes using half ro half tap water.  I have cholla wood in there along with karaoke leaves alder cones and montmorelinite rocks and tourmaline balls.  Is this normal for ada soil to take this long and I just need to be patient or do I need to try something else.  I added a few endlers last week to see if that would help but no.  Any advice welcome, thanks in advance!



ph 6.3

kh 0

gh 5-6

tds 147

nitrite 0

ammonia 0.25

nitrate 0-5

temp 72

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3 hours ago, Valek said:

He'll be starting the cycle again pretty much 


Not true. Nitrogen converting bacteria reside all over the substrate, sponges, moss, rocks, etc. ADA recommends frequent water changes during the cycling process. Sometimes a water change can actually kick start the cycle again, if ammonia levels are too high.

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44 minutes ago, Valek said:

With regular amazonia, yes. He's using amazonia light. When cycling an aquarium patience is the key. Leave it alone and it'll take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete the cycle 


I wasn't aware of the difference. I stand corrected. I don't use ADA substrate. I just figured the "light" meant light brown in color or something. Apparently it leeches less ammonia, which could be bad news if you don't have a bottle of pure ammonia sitting around to bring levels back up enough to sustain the nitrifying bacterial colony after doing a large water change. Many of us just use a buffering substrate that doesn't leech any ammonia, so fishless cycling is really the only viable option here. In this case, everyday 100% WC wouldn't matter at all, especially using remineralized r/o water. Wasteful.. yes, harmful to cycle.. not at all.


In the OP's case, I would only do a partial water change when nitrate readings start to sky rocket. And one large 90% WC right before adding shrimps (after cycle completes, of course).

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Well people cycle tanks dif ways to reach a similar result. Looks like their tank is almost done with the cycle. If it was me I'd do the w.c and add some bacteria. In my mind, that's the last bit of ammonia leeching.

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