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justme's shrimp story


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Hello guys


Let me first introduce myself. I'm a 24 year old guy from this tiny country called Belgium.¬†ūüćü¬†Famous of their fries!¬†

I have been keeping shrimp for about two years. Started like most of us with a bunch of cherries and moved on to all kinds of neo's. 

After breeding these guys quiet succesfully, I tried to get my hands on some caradina species. First started with some F1 crystal red and blacks,  because I did not want to spend a small fortune to some taiwan bee shrimp. So i bred them myself. Over a period of time I got approximately 30 or more taiwan bee , and alot of F1 CB & CR 


But after that, things started to go downhill.¬† Lost a lot of shrimp, and I still don't really know what happend¬†‚ėĻÔłŹ¬†At that time I also lost most of my motivation of keeping shrimp.¬† A small group of shrimp survived the massacre. So now I will try to make a new start with this small colony.¬†


I'm back to only 2 tanks, both have approximately the same size: 


aqua 1: 

80cm x 35cm x 40cm

Ph: 6

GH: 5-6

KH: 0-1

TDS: +-110


Shrimp species: Some mixture of Crystal Red & Black,  Tangarine Tiger & Tibee. This is gonna be my mix tank for the moment. Untill my colony has some decent size again. 

Plants: Corall moss, Java Fern & and some Bucephalandra. 

Substrate: Akadama





Aqua 2: 

80cm x 35cm x 40cm

Ph: 6

GH: 5-6

KH: 0-1

TDS: +-110


Shrimp: Blue bolt ( +-20)

Plants: Java fern,  Anbubias Gold, Subwassertang & Bucephalandra.

Substrate: Akadama






So in the future I will try to keep you guys up to date on my progress of my shrimp journey. 

I'm sorry for my english writing and bad quality of pictures, but i'll hope you guys will enjoy this blog anyway. I would like to hear from you guys!
























Aqua 1: 































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Beautiful tanks (and shrimp) my friend!  We all suffer setbacks in shrimp keeping but don't let that discourage you, and there is plenty of help to be found here with lots of experienced members.  


P.S.  Belgian Beer is pretty decent too.  Cantillon makes some really nice stuff!  


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Hello friend, and welcome to TSS!


Firstly, I think your aquariums look great.  Your use of buce's spread out in lava rocks will really mature into something special over time, and the java fern and MP on opposite ends frames the setup well.  You've successfully kept shrimp for some time......I'm betting deep down you have an idea of what went wrong previously as your attention waned.  It already looks like you are back on track and I'm sure the colonies will recover.


Most importantly, here's to a whole boatload of goals against France tomorrow.



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thanks for the positive words! I'm really appreciating it and I like it that you guys love my tanks.¬†ūü§ó

I'm planning to do a black background, when I need to change my substrate, so that the colours of the plants pop out. Also i'm trying to keep it really low tech, with a TL light, double spongefilters and a heater ( for colder days). Substrate is akadama because i'm a poor student¬†ūüôĄ


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  • 9 months later...

Update after a long time!


Because I moved to a new place, i'm down to just 1 shrimp tank. A 30L nano tank, like you can see in the pictures below. 

This tank is now standing in my living room and therefore i scaped this one a little bit. 


I moved my leftover shrimps and plants into this tank. 
The shrimp species that i keep are Blue bolt, tibee, and cb with taiwan bee genetics. Approximately 30+ shrimps are now in the tank.   After some setbacks, I can say that things are looking good now. Got a lot of baby shrimplets and currently  4 berried females. 






So i'm gonna try to write more on this journal. Because i have some plans for this tank.


Future plans


I'm going to turn this tank into a more high tech planting tank. So future plans includes:


--> getting a strong light that is capable to grow a variety of plants

--> switching to a external canister filter 

--> setting up a co2 system


So got a lot of new stuff coming up. 



















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Finally got my new light in the mailbox. I was searching for a nice design nano led, but one that is powerfull enough to grow some decent plants.


So I ordered the flat one nano from ONF. Really love this one and the rose/gold colour it has. The flat nano should be one of the best nano led lights currently on the market. Good build quality and very bright. It comes Standard with dimmable function (100%-75%-50%-25%) and you can easly adjust hight, position.... Currently it is running on 50%.


After a couple of days i can say that the blue colors in my bucephalandra's are more vived and popping. I'm not using co2 (yet).Even my blue bolts have a deeper blue hue.large.20190507_211224.jpg.d24e32febd7b9c5cd36203a56bd96a94.jpglarge.20190507_211234.jpg.6da5527eca689ef56c7cb24b49cfe2ee.jpg







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Small update.


I'm really loving my new light,  the one flat nano. I will go in to deeper detail on my setup in a later update. But for now, this update wil be mainly on the shrimps.


Because things are getting wild in my tank.¬†My shrimps are breeding like crazy. Rough guessing, i will say i have about 50+ small shrimplets in my 30l tank I¬†ūü§©


I dont know for sure who the parents are ,because there is a mix in the thank with some blue bolts, some tibee and cb with taiwan bee genes. This implicates i get a lot of crazy variaties in the babies as you can see in the pictures. Got a lot of blue bolt babies, some cb and cr. But i'm most thrilled by the taiwan bee and pinto shrimplets. Got some Nice black pinto with different paterns, some panda, and i think i have seen an extreme King kong. I think i have seen a red pinto and a red taiwan bee aswell, but i can't tell for sure. The are so small.¬†ūü§ó













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