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Red Army Nano Tank (RCS)


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Hi All,


I decided to make a Journal of my nano Tank for my RCS. Lots of work still needs to be done as I plan on doing a aquascape in the tank in the furture and atm im just housing them temporarily in the current setup.


Tank Specs:


1 FT Tank dimensions 30cm x 23cm x 23cm +/- 15 litres

Few Dragon rock

Driftwood with Moss

Mixed Gravel

50 Watt Heater

Corner Air Filter (filled with Filter Floss and some mixed Gravel) connected to Air Pump


Currently housing 4 Adult RCS (2 Males and 2 Females and numerous Fry both Females were pregnant and berried and about 2 weeks ago they both hatched their eggs.


Checked last night one of my females are berried again. So more fry expected soon.


Here are some pics ive taken over the past 2 weeks. (all taken with mobile phone excuse quality)


















Thats all for now. Will post more pics etc on weeks and months to follow.





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Great! Keep the updates coming! Is those your only,tanks?


Hi Chris,


No I have a 2FT tank (60cm x 32.5x30cm) with 7 Neocaridina Heteropoda Wild in and 8 Neon Tetra and 4 Albino Cory and 1 Double Tail Male Siamese Fighter.


1FT tank has got most of my attention ATM though. The 2 FT was my first tank and did not do as much research as i should have on hardware etc.

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