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Hi im a hobbyist from Omaha, NE. I work at one of the largest fish only stores in the midwest. My specialty is saltwater reefs but I have experience with almost everything freshwater. From high tech planted tanks to african cichlids. I use to have a colony of blue bodied red rillis and im now just getting back into freshwater shrimp. I have a 12g long rimless tank that had auratais but they all died except one. Im picking up some aura blue tigers and Black+ grade black safaris to try to get some cool stuff. I also plan on getting more auratais if TGOE has anymore. I think they have so much potential.


I will soon have warehouse space for tanks and plan on getting my import license.

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1 hour ago, bostoneric said:



love seeing more and more stores willing to invest in the growth of shrimp in the USA! 


please hit us up if you have any questions or need some guidance. 



The store got a big order of shrimp today. All kinds of neos, OEBT, black pintos, RKK, PBL, PRL, and some aura blue tigers for me.


The cause of death was an ammonia spike. Im almost positive it was from my crypts melting. I had almost 20 crypts melting in there and i didnt expect them to disintegrate so quickly! I did a water change and have my aura blues dripping in now. If this goes well ill be picking up some black safaris

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