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Quietest air pump

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I purchased the alita 15 for my new shrimp rack, and while it is getting the job done its just too loud for the room its in.  Don't have a designated shrimp room yet so the rack is just in the family room.  I also purchased it with the intention of running more tanks on the rack, but have decided to only do 7.  (A 20 long, 2 17g, 4 10 gallons.  What is the quietest pump i can get that will run all 7 tanks?  My fiance is out of town so hoping to have the sound issue solved asap!  Will just put the alita 15 in storage for now, im sure ill use it in the future!  Thanks shrimpers.  

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My hygger is 3 feet from my head when i sleep. The bubbles bursting from the filters are much louder than the pump. Im running 6 jet lifters and 4 dual sponge filters currently and still bleeding off some air.

 I also have a fusion 500 running next to it while i wait for more threaded air valves to come in and it is louder than the hygger. Not by much but for how much less air its moving its kinda sad.

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Attached a pic for refrence sorry for the mess its busy season in my line of work.1d23393623c2d02670265cf9abcd272d.jpg



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