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Cholla wood from E-bay


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Hi, I have a bloody mary and TT shrimp tank with a good amount of moss that with my dragon stones is covering my substate almost completely... I want thinking of buying a Y cholla wood from e-bay they are in New Mexico and I guess gather it from there. they only wash  it , what do I have to do before I put it in my tank , is soaking it for a week enough to make sure there is no nasties on it ? tks


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If you really want to go about making sure it is parasite free, you can boil the wood for 10-20 minutes and then you can place it in quarantine for a week in a separate tank and just observe the wood to see if anything grows. Afterwards you can put it in your tank if you believe it is safe. You may lose a decent amount of tannins through this method, but it ensure the wood is sterilized. 

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I just toss it in.  you may get some white fungus stuff on it but it goes away after a week or two.  You can boil it if you want but make sure you don't do it for too long or it may cause the wood to fall apart.

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How nice is the cholla?

I have wanted to change one of my big tanks to cholla and shrimp. 

https://www.etsy.com/listing/218329336/huge-29-inch-tall-cholla-cactus-skeleton (seems to no longer link to the amazing piece



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