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  2. paperpanda2345

    Axolotl trade for shrimp?

    Hey new here to this forum! I'm quite the aquarium hobbyist and have been recently interested in shrimp. I'm not quiet sure if any shrimp hobbyists are interested🤔, but would love to trade one of my axolotls for some new shrimp morphs! Attached are the colors of axolotls I have, obviously they're very different from shrimp, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask 🙂 Let me know if this is against any rules, because I've only seen (other than shrimp) plants and snails and other inverts for sale/trade
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  4. Nuthatch

    Soothing Shrimp

  5. Nikolaus777

    Soothing Shrimp

    soothing sold it all
  6. icarus5

    WTB: Red Cherry Shrimp

    Newish to the hobby, and looking to buy a dozen Red Cherry Shrimp. Looking to buy locally from the Seattle area, for pick-up. Thanks in advance.
  7. BlakeWiles

    Soothing Shrimp

    I’m here if that makes you feel better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  9. taylorsaquatics

    Soothing Shrimp

    Anyone still around? Soothing???
  10. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Water line from the top of the sponge is about 2in. I've personally seen them hide inside the sponge very deep thus I came to this conclusion. I've inspected entry points from cracks and havent been able to find any yet, will double check again...
  11. ...so here are some pictures! These F2 shrimplets are only a couple days old (marsilea crenata leaf and hair grass strand as references in second picture) and are the result of: TT x BB => F1 F1 x BB => F2 The BB group they came from had some mosura in it, so clearly not "pure" BB. I expected maybe some blue or a lot of orange, but certainly not white and red. I'm guessing I'm dealing with some kind of low-grade CRS mischling business or the beginnings of a pinto line. Hope they survive! I've also got some F1 x F1 =>F2 on the way, they should be hatching this week.
  12. Clear

    I am new to this group

    Yes I do carry steel blue head if anyone is interested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. madcrafted

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Are you sure babies aren't slipping through a gap on around the edges of your filter or outflow nozzle, maybe even climbing over the sponge? How high is your water line and is the top of the sponge dry? I ask because I wouldn't think 30 ppi would allow babies to pass through. 15 ppi, sure but not 30. Most of my HOB pre filters are around that density and never had a problem with babies passing through. 45 ppi sponge wouldn't be a bad idea as it would scrub the water better and collect more food for shrimp but I don't think it will solve the issue of them getting stuck behind the filter or ending up and the other half of your tank if there is another entry point for them.
  14. solise.art

    Red cherries making yellow babies

    Thanks for the responses! Still learning how to navigate this forum and still a beginner shrimp keeper. I’ve had the parents for about 9 months now. The parents were the only baby survivors to fully mature from the original 4 fire reds I bought. Something in my tank wiped out all the other shrimp, colony went from 4 adults and about 20 babies to just 2 babies.
  15. OblongShrimp

    Red cherries making yellow babies

    The most likely answer is your cherries were mixed with yellows or something else at some point. It is possible you had a random mutation that occurred but most likely you just bought cherries that weren't pure. How long have you had them for?
  16. ILikeAsianBooty

    7.5G Bee Tank

    -Momma berried up again. Lost some color in the molt. -Tank cycled in less than 2 weeks. Test kit all 0 except for ammonia 0.25ppm -Threw in some babies to test out the new tank. -Still working on that air pump and will see if its really necessary tbh. -Also, I do not rec 30ppi HMF. I'm going to try out a 45 ppi in the tank and see if there is any difference. The problem with the 35 is my babies kept swimming across and ended up on the other side of the divider. Some also got stuck inside and died.
  17. Nuthatch

    Red cherries making yellow babies

    Cool! Not a clue as to what is going on, but I think it sure is neat!
  18. Crackhead Johny

    Glass thickness question??

    I live by the rule "Overkill is its own reward". 1" acrylic 10g tank? Count me in! If over engineering means a 9 comes through my front window and stops dead when it hits my 550. I call that a win/win. At least after that those angel fish will listen to me. Note to self: build 550.
  19. Last week
  20. Hey! I would suggest a Kessil. They make really high powered and good quality growth LED fixtures that put out really high light. I think you should be able to get away with a A160 but if really want high light you could get the more expensive A360s. The really long goose neck gives you really convenient access to your tank A160 A360
  21. TheGardenofEder

    Aquatic Experience Sale!

    I keep them in caridina but I have customers that keep them in neo parameters no issue
  22. I recently bought a 20 gallon (I think) hexagon tank and stand for really cheap. It came with a filter and heater. The only thing I need hardware-wise is a proper light. I've been doing some research online but haven't been able to nail down a good compact light that can get deep enough for plants. Tank depth is around 19", but will be a little bit less once I add some sand as a substrate. Tank isn't rimless, so I need to take that into account for any clip-on lights. Anybody have ideas/recommendations?
  23. Crackhead Johny

    Looking for corys

    What is your budget? What kind is the one you have? Aside from it craving more of its kind, if you have a tiny dwarf a herd of Bronchis would probably not make it more comfortable.
  24. Crackhead Johny

    Compatible fish, with shrimp?

    Oto of the day. Not sure if these otos are "shrimp safe" These are Giant Otos which apparently get to be 4-6" long
  25. Brenlissa


    Where can I order? New here and don't know this site very well 😂
  26. Valek

    Baby aura blue tigers

    I'm wondering if that's the case.
  27. madcrafted

    Little Shrimp Rack

    Congrats on your new found love for these amazing little creatures. Looks like a nice little home you have set up for them and are on the right track. I would advise you save the Fluval Stratum for tiger shrimps or neos once it exhausts it buffering capabilities. I am one of those that had to find out the hard way when trying to breed caridinas in that substrate. I never could get babies to survive past 3 weeks for some odd reason despite ideal parameters. The substrate had no problem maintaining a steady 5.8 pH with my remineralized RO water and the tanks were not only cycled but matured. Nitrates were under control even though babies were fed powder foods and Bacter AE. I had two tanks setup with this substrate, one with BKK/RKK and the other was housing galaxy pintos. Neither tank would produce babies that ever made it to adulthood. A fellow hobbyists did a comparison of fluval stratum, ADA Amazonia and SL-Aqua one of the FB groups I'm in (some of you may have even seen it). He dedicated a total of 6 tanks for the experiment where one tank would get the substrate spread on the floor and the other one housed stockings full of the substrate (same volume in each tank). He did this for each of the following brands I mentioned. Results were similar to what I experienced... babies would die off around the 2-3 week mark in Fluval Stratum and the other tanks with ADA/SL-Aqua produced as expected and colonies grew. Now I'm not so sure how much of this experiment was "controlled" but it was enough to make me think about it, especially aftert having felt like a failure at getting caridinas to breed. I had read about other people having trouble getting CRS to breed in this substrate too while I was raising mine. I saw them happily grazing and getting berried, so I just assumed they had something else going on with their parameters. Nope. Just a poor substrate for caridina shrimp which I confirmed after tank #2 showed the same results. RIP little babies.
  28. Hi, Since about month i face the sad problem. I'm finding every 3/4 days find a dead shrimp, they look healthy, eating with pleasure, and are vigorous. There is a file with parameteres, but in sales are used in Poland, i dont have TDS meter yet, but i will have in a few days. Can be that's a bacterial problem or something. I didnt add any new "things" like food, plants. Two last labors, survived one shrimp, when 3 months ago, about 70/80% shrimps growth adult. Units are mg per liter for NH4 to PO4, and KH and GH is in 1`n, or what i can calculate is  GH 142 ppm KH 174 ppm
  29. TigerBarb1017

    Little Shrimp Rack

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