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  2. I still have some Mr Aqua soil from 6 years ago that still hasn't became mud but of course the buffering has came and went a long time ago. Sounds good I just ordered some to try out. Thanks for the info Sent from my SM-G930T1 using Tapatalk
  3. with good culling and the good stock you are starting with, you should be able to build a strong red colony. However you should always be culling. Your LFS will probably buy your culls if there are not any shrimp in your area.
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  5. About 1.5 years in 3 tanks. All substrate will break down eventually but usually will likely take years.
  6. Wow that's awesome is that from ur experience? Also does it break down after some time? I know the Mr Aqua will not Sent from my SM-G930T1 using Tapatalk
  7. Try SL-Aqua Nature Soil. It keeps my pH around 5.3-5.7 for a good year and up.
  8. Can anyone confirm if these guys are worth starting a line? I'm not looking for ultra high quality just yet, just stock that will at least somewhat consistently produce definitively red offspring? As I get further into the project I'll be able to add to the line with higher quality reds but for now I'm hoping to mostly get some experience in and learn a bit before I go out and get spendy shrimps. I've no idea really how to grade them other than what they were sold as. But even my males seem to have almost entirely red coloring. A bit of transparent spots on the bottom of the tail on a couple but several are red all the way through and the females are all solid enough that I cannot see a saddle in them, except one, she gets a tiny yellow line across her shoulders that's pretty easy to miss. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. I bought some "unknown" seeds from china and they look exactly like yours. Started out with round leaves then changed to longer oblong leaves. I planted mine in October 2016 and they are still doing well to this day.
  10. I'm setting up some new tanks for PRL's and blue blots and wanted to see if anyone has long term experience with dennerle. Packaging says 6 to 6.5 which is lower then what Mr aqua states (6.5). I have used Mr Aqua years ago and it worked great for shrimp and plants but since now I'm just using for shrimp I wanted to see what people think is the best for keep on down and lasting a while. Sent from my SM-G930T1 using Tapatalk
  11. Right there with ya on the rural area thing. Im also trying to start supplying a few lfs out of my colonies as well! Id like to keep up with how it works out for you.
  12. I havent checked the thread in a ehile due to not expecting much response. Lol its seems to be active enough to be still relevant. Ill definitely stick around.
  13. Hello, I brought these some time ago and they they grew longer in length than expected. I have a couple video of this experiment. from dry start to about a good months submerged. I still have a jar full of these seeds. Someone told me they were actually Hygrophila Polysperma. but you all can decide that.
  14. Welcome, awesome to have you join our community. Here you will get the do's and don'ts. Very nice video and pictures of your RCS. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask, use the search bar up top to search for any questions you may have, it may have been answered before. United We Shrimp!
  15. So I'm new to shrimp, I'd wanted them for quite a long while and after my most recent move a couple years back, when I got back settled I of course went back to my standard fish keeping in planted tanks with intentions on going with a more aquascape focused route to narrow my choices a bit. Failed of course in maintaining a specific direction and in the past 8-9 months have set up another batch of tanks all with new projects and a big build (for me) nearing completion. With all my new ideas in full swing and healthy I had my first and longest running since the move tank have a case of diatoms I just could not kick for anything. Finally broke down, figured why not take on another project I've been thinking about and took the dive into the shrimp realm. I've researched and Googled and read many articles over the past few years as I entertained the idea so I knew in general what I wanted to do. Easy, hardy and willing to breed.... RCS of course. I ordered myself a breeder package of some Fire Red Sakuras, and was quite impressed with the quality I received as well as their health in arrival. Over the past couple months I've lost 4-5 and all in that first week or ten days and I attributed it to the fact that I had shrimp and fish and put everyone in QT together and the fish were ill. Expensive fish got treated much to the dismay of the shrimp but for the most part everyone lived. I also nabbed some Amanos to disperse through other tanks once they had grown out. Now I sit waiting on someone platy fry to grow out a week or so more, a lid for another tank to arrive, and nearly all the Amanos will be off to permanent homes, few more weeks and the big build is complete and the remainder land in their home. Little did I know just how easy it would be to successfully get the RCS to breed. I had three berried females within a couple weeks and one hatch went solo last weekend and I see I already have another berried female keeping me at three and two to hatch in the next 10-14 days. Eek! So I'm here. Hoping to learn culling methods and after I settle some projects some tips to improve my line. Ultimately I'm SOOOooo SOOOooo rural we don't get shrimp here, ever. So I'd like to sell or donate culls to the lfs until my culls are of decent quality to sell. I'll still keep them locally as weather is too extreme to ship most of the time. But maybe it can help me fund my little pet project. I'm sure to ask exceptionally noobish questions, and make silly assumptions and mistakes from all my years with fish. But I welcome the critiques, the criticisms and even the harsh truths that I'm sure I've overlooked. And here's a quick video of the tank. It's really not tinted water I've no idea why the video shows it as such! Poor lighting and video skills I'm sure. And a couple photos starting with the most recent and back through a few design attempts I tried before settling on the current, and of course a couple shrimp shots. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  16. what a great experience. very cool that you got to do this.
  17. I too think the same ^^
  18. A few months ago, not sure if it was just the batch or coincidence but when I tried some shrimp lab Baby which contains several bacterial strains, dosing a tiny pinch about every other day, several weeks later I had a massive collapse over the course of another several weeks (1-2 deaths per day) that I can only attribute to a bacterial outbreak. Water params were perfect and I keep covers on my tanks, temp was 72. It was a rough few weeks. Stopped dosing and deaths slowed down (maybe also coincidence)? Since then I haven't fed anything with bacterial strains and very rarely at that. Just mulberry leaves. This is an interesting topic and def want to hear more about other experiences! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  20. no all shrimp equally benefit from it.
  21. LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. That was actually what taught me they are from Hong Kong! Hahaha then I did a little more research and found them! I should change my username to theShrimpstalker hahahha
  23. Oh okay, so it's more for caridina than neocaridina.
  24. Oh no! Yeah mine took about a month to get to me too
  25. Yay good to hear ! I also bought these seeds after a friend carpeted his 12G long and my seeds got stuck in custom! Still waiting for them after a full month :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. I just says chrislukhaup Videos online of cbs and galaxy tiger in the wild! So cool Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. A trip to Hong Kong would definitely be worth it just to see the shrimp! Just don't forget all the good food and sightseeing! Hahaha
  28. Me too! I wish I had my GoPro, the shallow streams they were in were filled with leaf litter, in the shade etc and as you can imagine I just got pictures of dark puddles....hahaha
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