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  2. Thank you Maurice for the info, I have Mosura BT-9 together with Borneo Wild Balance and Borneo Wild boost p in the soil. Every water change I put half of spoon of BT-9 to help the beneficial bacteria to grow in the tank. I will wait until the cycle finishes and if the Ph drops below the level that I want for Crystal bees I will just scoop some of the soil out. That should do it. I have one more tank where I have GEX soil (the green one) but I did not put a thick layer of soil there, just something over 2.5cm and it is not lowering the PH enough (dimensions of the tank are same), so this time I put a thick layer as was instructed on the package. I have Rilis and blue Neocaridina shrim in the other tank so they are happy with the PH of 7.5 that is there. I was thiking of adding some more soil to see if it would lower the PH to about 7, but that may not be a good idea if the GEX soil starts to leak amonia like ADA.
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  4. Howzat, Don't add anything else like PH down. Only thing you need to add is filter bacteria now with the cycling The thing is, the aquasoil is still cycling and it won't drop to low Ph now. Also your tap water has got a Kh of 4, so thats buffering the water not to drop in Ph First cycle the tank till you have 0-5 Nitrates, this takes 4/5 weeks, then flush the tank and replace with RO/DI water and SSGh+ wait a week and your Ph will drop. With a layer of 6.5cm, you can expect it to drop to even lower than 6 Ph I use aquasoil in all my shrimp tanks, as this is the only buffering substrate we get in SA and I have found it always does the same. Don't worry now, as its not lowering the Ph. Do the cycle and then whallaa.......
  5. Hello fellow shrimp keepers, I have started a shrimp tank with ADA amazonia soil, with thickness about 6.5 cm (about 2 inches) and it does not seem to be able to drop PH to proper levels. I was expecting PH of 6.5 - 7, maybe lower. My tap water is PH 7.6, GH 6, KH 4, TDS 150. The PH in the tank is still the same as my tap water. There is moss, lava stones and some driftwood in the tank, with 2 double sided sponge filters. Tank has dimensions width 50 cm x debt 28 cm x height 40 cm and I fill it to the 38 liters mark. The tank is still in fish-less cycle and I am about 1 week into the cycling. I tried PH down to save the amazonia buffering capability and I dropped the PH to 7, but a day after it was back to the 7.6 PH range. What the hell? The tank is for crystal bees but if the PH issue is not solved then I would have to go with rilis. Do you guys know what could be the issue? How long is it going to take until the PH drops to proper levels?
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  7. My original crayfish laid eggs right before it died and they were definitely unfertilized as it was alone. Im not sure which species it was, but it was one of the plain brown north american ones sold in bait shops.
  8. Did you ask the parameters that aquatic arts have them at, if they are different by a large margin they may have a hard time adjusting.
  9. I've got a 15 gallon that houses tangerine tigers, blue neocaridinas, an amano, and currently a few threadfin rainbowfish. It's a pretty heavily planted tank. The thread fins are pretty tiny and supposedly their throats are even smaller than their tiny mouths, so I'm hoping it should be ok. Anyone else have experience with this type of combo? You can sort-of see them here in this blurry iPhone video screen shot:
  10. Very attractive looking moss.
  11. Oh man. I had been thinking about getting some of this. Your pic makes it look even more tempting! lol
  12. Not yet... in the new house. =)
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  14. Get another tank ...What wrong with you Mike ? you know you want another one
  15. DANG it!!! You just have to say that about her moss "EvaBug1" I'll take one too!!!! I always one those moss anyway! Now I have to squeeze the moss somewhere!
  16. I third Plamski! Beautiful, healthy shrimp at a very reasonable price. This guy was from a small batch I got from Plamski earlier this month - as you can see, he went straight to work after getting dripped in. IMG_1276.MP4
  17. Thanks all. I got my shrimps....CRS and Blue Rubies...
  18. Please let me know, I ship shrimps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I second plamski [emoji31] he got great stock and the royal blue is rly affordable Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Try checking with Plamski his stock is really nice.
  21. I'll take one! Your moss is the best especially the fissidens. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  22. Thanks. Just checked. Listed as "currently unavailable."
  23. I think he has them and you are supporting someone on the site thanks.
  24. Hi. I'm looking to buy some royal blue tiger shrimp to add to a small colony (9) which I already have. I've had the colony for about six months and am beginning to believe that I might have all males. Pleas let me know if you have any available. Thank you!
  25. Yes I am. Yeah I hear our water is good but I was always little weary about that.
  26. Thanks! Whenever the water level drops the filter outflow creates a nice waterfall/creek flow in the tank. At first, i had the pad balanced straight but the current shifted it and i just left it as it is. It doesn't seem to fall off too which was awesome. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  27. So many tanks I didn't notice my star dust was berried it must have been hiding under an Indian almond leaf, but there's baby's all over the tank. Also the female is berried again. Baby red zebra pinto and baby blue jelly tb.
  28. I like that balancing act you got going on the top of the rock.
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