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  3. DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    PM me with what you are interested.
  4. Enough Air in aquarium?

    Hi Want my advice? Ditch the power head you don't need it. Connect that filter to an air pump and that's all you need.
  5. Canon 100mm marco lens with cap

    I have a canon 100mm Marco lens with cap for sale. No longer need it. Asking for $300 shipped priority. I used it twice and realize I have no business in taking shrimp photos with it. I’ll stick to my iPhone for shrimp pictures.
  6. Hello everybody! I am curious, do you guys think this would be enough air in the tank for everybody to have nice rich-oxygen water to be healthy:) Here is my pictures: As you guys can see, it definitely is agitating the surface of the water. Just not sure if it would be enough to be oxygen-rich water. It definitely has a nice flow inside the tank. Unfortunately, sometimes I think it's TOO much flow, some shrimp get pissed and get pulled in the current Just let me know what you guys think, thanks!
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  8. DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Hey im interested in some of your shrimp?
  9. Hello from new york

    @JSak yea im trying to get a really cool rare pattern and do exactly as you said it, i think thats the number one reason people get into shrimp. Im just going to install the AC to not take any chances. @chappy6107 hahaha and i will definitely try the fan method on top on the tank.
  10. DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!

    Hey ShrimpSpot!! I am planning on selling limited packages of the following shrimp, if you have any questions please PM me. All shrimp I sell have been bred by me. Taiwan Bees BKK - Panda - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $6.00 BKK - Stripe(s) - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $10.00 BKK - Extreme - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $18.00 Blue Bolt - A - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $6.00 Orange/Red Bolt - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $7.00 Ruby Red - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $12.00 Wine Red - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $8.00 Pintos (All German Lineage) Red Spotted Head - Juvenile/0-3 Spots - $12.00 Red Pinto Random - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $10.00 Black Spotted Head - Juvenile/0-3 Spots - $10.00 Black Pinto Random - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $8.00 Shipping - USPS Priority - $12.00 | USPS Express - $40.00 (Heatpacks/Coldpacks additional $2.00) DOA Claim will only be valid if the following conditions are met- Must physically receive shrimp within two hours of delivery confirmation. Within the two hours of delivery confirmation send a clear digital picture of dead shrimp inside the untampered LongLife bag next to my shipping label. Must receive package on first delivery attempt. *Shipping price is non-refundable **I only ship within the Continental US ***I am not responsible for USPS delays and/or mishandling Reorder Incentive - If you have purchased shrimp from me before you are eligible for my reorder incentive. 1) The incentive is up to 10% off 2) The number of times you have reordered shrimp from me the more you save! 3) When ordering shrimp from me you must tell me you are a "repeat customer", otherwise incentive is void Ex. If you have purchased shrimp from me four times, you receive a 4% discount on your shrimp *Note- This discount applies to the total shrimp price, not including shipping or heat/cold packs

    we dont do trade sorry

    know youre a business, but would you ever trade 10-12 orange neos for 8kg ADA Colorado Sand
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  14. shrimp Tanks

    They cant eat healthy shrimps , they are very slow... it prefer snail , the most wanted for them is ramshorn snail. Also eat hikari algae wafer , with shrimps. The eat shrimp when is dead or unhealthy, i never but i think sometimes maybe they hit females srhimps after breeding, sometime the females stay inactive in substrate.
  15. Cory breeding?

    I've been breeding duplicareus for a while now. My original batch were wild caught and took a few years before they started breeding for me even though I received them as adults. But after tank-raising several generations, they seem to spawn fine. Definitely not as frequent as most other cories I have bred before, only spawning 1-3 times per year. They mostly spawn during the summer or after summer for me but I have experienced them spawning for me during the winter as well. I have a couple of fries being raised even now.
  16. Wanted: Hairy Freshwater Snail

    Hi Everyone, I want to ask if anyone has Thiara Cancellata, also known as Hairy Snail. Here's a link to one forum about it: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/88-shrimp-other-invertebrates/837498-hairy-trumpet-snails.html. Please let me know if you do. I'm willing to pay for reasonable price. FYI, I used to look for Pagoda snail. But I learned that these guys prefer somewhat high stream water flow, which I think not ideal for shrimps. Thanks.
  17. Genetics Question

    If I am not mistaking. Many females will get a back-stripe. My Aura Blue females have them. However; the males do not. It is possible for you to breed them with the "racing stripe". I do not know how this works. Or the genetics of it. The way yours look on that female. It could pass onto other Shrimp including males. If so, You could try making a fishbone pattern. Hope to have given you some insight.
  18. Question for the forum. I've got this absolutely gorgeous BKK with a green backstripe. Bought her as a BKK extreme and the stripe slowly appeared as she got older. Is this indicative of some mixed genes? A simple mutation? She also just had her first batch of babies with what looks like some interesting patterns so I'm guessing she's not just pure BKK. Let me know what you guys and gals think.
  19. Hello from new york

    running a fan over the top of the water will cool it down for sure. I dont know anyone here in Tx that would think about not having AC. lol
  20. Hello from new york

    @Pachu I think that'd be awesome! You'd get a mix of different patterns and colors and maybe you'll get an interesting one that you can breed out and get a steady genetic line. I think cross breeding and mixing shrimps, especially caridinas, are one of the things that make this hobby so fun and exciting. I usually keep it set to around 72-73 degrees but I believe shrimp can handle pretty high temperatures, although they'll eat more and produce more waste. I haven't heard too many suggestions about cooling down shrimp tanks other than the fan and frozen bottle method. If I think of anything I'll be sure to let you know!
  21. Hello from new york

    @JonRon maybe you can try the fan or bottle if temp doesn’t raise to high here in new york gets hot in summer sometimes 100f thats too hot for a apt thats why im thinking on going with the AC.
  22. Hello from new york

    @JSak yea i was thinking about giving my fish away to a friend of mine that keeps fish to make their tank a mix tank. Wanna try a few of my taiwan bee with tangerine tiger to see what i get out of them, i want to get some red pintos too maybe i get them from the mix tank when i do mix all the taiwan bee. Planning on having 2 mix tank 1 with taiwan bee only and 2nd with the tiger what do you think about that? You keep the AC on all day, or you set it to auto mode im not sure about the fan or the frozen bottle since im not home all day and dont want to take any risk with them so im trying to get as much info about going through summer as possible and more now that i have a bunch of babies and berried shrimp. Thank you everyone from welcoming me.
  23. Hello from new york

    I just let my temp rise. Last year the water did not go over 24*c So I was happy. If it does this year I am not sure what I am going to do. My place here in Germany has no AC. I am happy I am not living in a state like Texas with no AC. I have lived there and summer is extreamly hot.
  24. Hello from new york

    Welcome! Love the setup!
  25. Red Cherry Shrimp

  26. Red Cherry Shrimp

    Am looking for a breeder of red cherry shrimp looking to buy 100+
  27. Hello from new york

    @Pachu definitely! Once you get the hang of water parameters down they almost seem to breed without you really having to do much. It's also awesome that you can breed a huge colony in a relatively smaller tank without having the same kind of risks that may come with breeding fish in smaller tanks. Personally, I love the genetic aspect of shrimp breeding/keeping. I'm trying to raise up my colonies for now and then try to create some new mixes in the future. I believe they can be easier to keep than bettas if you take the time to properly set up their tanks. That's awesome! My pintos actually breed like crazy too. I feel like the mixture of two different shrimps helped to strengthen their genetic line even though they're considered rarer and expensive shrimp. I've heard of people filling up a water bottle then freezing it and putting it in the tank. Then taking it out and repeating the process when the ice melts. A fan blowing directly onto the surface of the water might help a lot too as it creates circulation. Personally, I have AC so I don't have to worry about it too much. Hope that helps!
  28. Shrimp Pimp Daily Feeder

  29. Hello from new york

    welcome to the spot!
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