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  2. New tank - getting there....

    Maintaining a good amount of biofilm will be critical to baby survival. It sounds like you have a lot of mosses and an established tank so honestly... have a beer and pat yourself on the back. You can get specialized shrimp foods or bacterial boosters if you want but your colony isn't large enough for that to be a requirement. My guess is that you have neos, which tend to be hardy. Keep the parameters stable and you'll be on your way to a good colony. Doesn't hurt to post your parameters here and get some feedback. I'm trying to breed some Tangerine Tigers at the moment and despite the fact that the females are almost always berried, all the babies have died for the last couple months. Just goes to show that you may not be out of the woods yet.
  3. hi all Setting up a dedicated shrimp tank Got a small tank to dedicate to shrimp a good few months ago and setup with substrate, rocks and growing some mosses - first attempt did not seem to cycle / balance very well and the moss plants died (thought they were pretty hardy ?) and got a lot of algae growth that was difficult to control. So started again - after a good clean as there were no shrimp - and found a much better balance with the moss growing vigorously - as that is all well established and water balance is looking good I added eight shrimp to the mix approx. 2 weeks ago - all looks good and they are devouring all the bio waste on the moss and cleaning it all up nicely - so minimal feed while they settle in. All were seen regularly despite ample cover and many hiding places in the abundant moss. Once settled I raised the temp slowly as it was a bit lower than optimal - And last night a new development - a perfect moult leaving a clear but perfectly formed shrimp shell - and out of the 8 shrimp about 4 are going CRAZY ... more interested in swimming feverishly than hanging about and feeding - after a bit of GOOGLE it seems likely the temp increase and this moult has triggered the males to "chase the ladies" ! So this is ideal and saves me stocking with more examples - so other than the fine shrimp filter cover on the pump what else should I do to encourage this - and is there any special care / feeding if I do get some mini examples to survive and thrive .... Was not really expecting this success after just a few weeks - so a bit caught out and looking for any advice from those that have been there Thanks Rob
  4. Whats your favorite

    I just laughed out loud reading @Crackhead Johny 's line. Its the little things in life.
  5. hey everyone! I've recently gotten into shrimp keeping and I was wondering if you can help me with grading. I just learned about shrimp grades so I tried to look at mine to see what I have. I attached just a couple pictures of what I believe are sakura but I'm not 100% sure. the rest I believe are lower grade cherries since they're relatively clear with a little bit of red. also I'm not sure if the shrimp in the picture are cherry red shrimp or bloody mary because I started out with bm culls when I first started and later added red cherry shrimp. any input would be great thanks! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Suitable tank for Sulawesi shrimp?

    More so than fish typically. Why when doing water changed do like 25% at most and do slowly, no need to change more. Also ensure that the temp, GH, KH match the water you are changing. More so with Caridina species then neo's. Also important to age the water best to do with an airstone before hand. I typically prep my water about a week before using for water change.
  7. Suitable tank for Sulawesi shrimp?

    Ok will do thanks! Are they sensitive when it comes to water chances and fluctuations in water parameters?
  8. Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp anyone???

    Just some paperworks do you able to get an import permit? if so I can deliver its for you.
  9. Suitable tank for Sulawesi shrimp?

    Yup just be sure that the PH, GH and KH stay stable. I would do some tests like right after a water change then later on in the week to be sure the parameters have not changed.
  10. Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp anyone???

    How hard to ship? Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  11. Suitable tank for Sulawesi shrimp?

    Awesome thanks! I was mainly just worried if they would be ok with the substrate I have (aquasolem) because its a substrate that is supposed to lower hardness and ph but the thing is, my rocks are overpowering it keeping the ph high.. So they should be fine with the substrate as long as the water params are right?
  12. Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp anyone???

    Matano Cardinal Shrimp Origin Lake Matano Sulawesi blue dots, white socks, white gloves. we have plenty down here (Indonesia) but it's getting hard to shipping overseas.
  13. Suitable tank for Sulawesi shrimp?

    Yup that PH would be perfect for them. Should have GH 4-6 and KH 2-4 and you should be set. Have a look here. The very last one in the list and it shows the water parameters. https://www.discobee.com/blogs/news/17030569-dwarf-shrimp-water-parameters
  14. Keeping Pure Line vs Mixed

    Not sure the main difference but just know the ones I have. Anytime you can add different genes in is a good idea so I feel it would help.
  15. Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp anyone???

    Please send me the info too. Thanks
  16. Whats your favorite

    Hmmmm, I'm sure that didn't sound the way you planned it!
  17. Algae?

    You can spray or dip the cholla wood, then add it back to the tank. Or even use an old toothbrush to manually scrub the algae off of it. The moss/fissidens is a bit more tricky. I would pull a small bit to test with the h2o2 treatment first, this way you don't accidentally nuke it if you decide to do a dip. You can also try shortening your light cycle. I run mine 4 on - 4 off - 4 on. Algae has a harder time adjusting to a break in your lighting cycle than most plants will.
  18. Mineral Balls vs Rock

    I have been running fishtanx.com tourmaline balls for a few years and have noticed 0 benefits or detriments. They are just nice to look at and grey. I'm not familiar with the rocks but worry that they also, are hoodoo.
  19. Whats your favorite

    I missed out on 5 wangs for 15$ 2 years ago and still regret it.
  20. Algae?

    OK, so hair algae blew up my 7 gal shrimp tank. After a month on the Elevate Shrimp hair killer (last week was also loading Excel) the stuff doubled in size. So I finally pulled my 2 cholla fisidens logs and threw them in a 5 gal bucket of water. So now how to deal with that? That is a lot of $$$ in fisdens. "Rent" (buy then give back once done) a rhino pleco and leave it alone in an empty tank with the logs (I was told rhino will eat the algae but not the moss)? I'm currently renting a clown loach which I told the LFR I'd give back once it was 18"+ (I guessed this would take ~42 seconds with the amount of snails I have to cleanse). Peroxide dip the cholla and allow the fisidens will heal? There is a little bit of hair left in the tank in the expensive plant (turns red and fluffy with CO2)but I may be able to control it?
  21. So I set up a Dennerle scapers tank a while back and I have been going back on forth on what to stock it with. I originally bought the aquasolem thinking I was gonna do some shrimp but never got around to it because the rocks I scaped the tank with (Seiryu dragonstone) keeps my ph high (around 7.4). Ive been looking around trying to deicde what to do and I came across the cardnial sulawesi shrimp.. Anyone know if this tank is suitable to keep and breed them? Any info on these guys would be great! Dont want to buy them and have them not do well in my tank.. Thanks
  22. Algae?

    Well, I've seen your wisdom but I'm sure the wyzazz is more fun. Thanks again for all the info! Sandy
  23. Algae?

    Nothing at all to do with intelligence! And no matching tattoos, at least not yet.
  24. Algae?

    A marine? That's awesome! As for the nickname, the way my Dad taught it to me, it has nothing to do with intelligence, right? Ha! Is there a tattoo to match?
  25. Algae?

    Haha, that's funny! Just an old nickname from the Marine Corps.
  26. Help! Want to start a shrimp tank

    Thanks, Guys. I understand about the Royals and the photos. I was just curious about the OEBT "commoners."
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