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  2. Marimo Ball Mountain Also added an indian almond leaf for the first time.
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  4. Thanks Sparrow. That means alot
  5. BUMP MORE AVAILABLE. You can choose your 2 Taiwan bees from- Blue Bolts, BKK stripes or Panda.
  6. Blue dreams are sold out , but yes I do have these packages available
  7. taken with my phone ..know what they are ? ..apart from shrimps ?
  8. Thanks Chappy! I got it for Christmas, and now it has become one of my favorite shapes... Currently have 6 more berried females.. super super excited!
  9. Hi, I'm new at shrimp keeping and new to the forum (hello!) and bought what were described as blue tiger shrimp from local dealer. They are dark bluish-black, 2 of the females have a brown stripe down their back as you can see in the photo, the other female (right in the photo) doesn't, she is dark all over (and berried) the the moment. Spotted a few fry in my tank so they're obviously happy enough. Can anyone fill me in on what I've actually got please ? Much appreciated! Colin.
  10. I am interested in this package, is it still available? Also some blue dream neos if you have any, I remember you listing some before...
  11. those tanks are one of my favorites. congrats on the babies!
  12. Day 3: Snails I found these at my lfs without a name attached to them and bought em and put them in the tank. Any clue what they are? My guess is nerite snails. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Checked it out and variance is +/- 2% so being off by 5 wouldn't be a stretch. I would expect to see the variance when testing the distilled water though. I checked today as all my floaters have multiplied like crazy as usual and it is back down to 190. I removed about 99% of them and will check it out tomorrow. I really just want to keep things stable for the wee shrimpy and the fluctuations worry me. I have to admit, I wish I hadn't planted these tanks and just went moss only.
  14. That is a good question, I will have to take a look. I double check it in distilled and that always comes up zero. Figure if off there I can add or subtract the number off it is from the TDS of the water in question. Pretty sure its not the meter though. I have a tank right next to the tank with the drop, it has a TDS of 250 and everything is the same except no val, hairgrass and pygmy chain sword. It's mostly stems in that one. As it turns out hornwort, swords (a bunch of pygmy chain and micro swords in this tank) and others will use bicarbonate as well. When there is nothing else to feed on, they will use bicarbonate ions as a source of carbon. Removing something my meter reads and turning it into something my meter cannot read, oxygen. I am going to give removing floaters a shot to give the plants some more nutrition as I am wary of using liquid carbon. Thinking back, the day my TDS rose was the day after I thinned out my floaters.
  15. Whats the degree of error on your tds meter?
  16. Honestly I've given up trying to find out what it is. It looks like all plants are cover by a green fleece. It doesn't grow long and the snails eat it.
  17. No worries! Always glad to help!
  18. Your experiences are helping me out here so I just want to thank you both for the information. I am probably going to be using the shrimp stratum when I setup my CBS tank and now I can have an idea what to expect using the same products.
  19. Bob's Tropical Fish in Los Angeles has a pretty consistent source of tigers and other shrimp. OEBT are expensive though ($20 each!) but if you're only looking for a few to get started or add new blood to your tank, I would give them a call. I was there today and I bought my first 2 OEBT. Super beautiful, both are deep blue but bright enough that you can see their stripes. I think they source from Germany.
  20. I am using fluval shrimp stratum, and yes I changed the carbon after 1 month. I've only had this tank for 2 months...I got my first batch of babies last week and currently have 5 more berried females..I do weekly 10% water changes to replenish the TDS drop. So far my shrimp are super active, breeding, feeding, so I'm not too worried about the TDS fluctuations. I am just doing my best to keep conditions relatively stable!
  21. we learn on the way. i did the petri dish when i started.
  22. Sorry about the late response. These are my f1 offspring from crossing pinto and bb. Some just became berried the other day. Can't wait to see the next gen👍
  23. oxygen

    Air goes in on the top, then bubble the air stone. Water get oxygenated. Water current is from inside that chamber to outside. That will bring the oxygenated water out. There is a little hole on the top to vent. It can prevent empty out the chamber deal to air pressure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. You should try removing it by hand. I had the same problem with my java moss; hair algae started growing in it and almost completely consumed it. The only thing that worked was using both hands to physically separate the moss from the algae. It took a few weeks (I did a little bit every day) but now I have healthy, algae-free java moss again. Good luck
  25. oxygen

    I remember seeing something like this in a pic a while back and could not find it for sale anywhere. How does it work, water in bottom valve and air out the top? I am super interested.
  26. oxygen

    Wanna give it a try? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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