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  2. Add a second filter to 5 gallon question

    add it, you are good.
  3. Add a second filter to 5 gallon question

    I think you are safe adding a sponge filter to a tank that already has a HOB.
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  5. Nitrates rising too fast

    I'm relatively new to the hobby so take my advice for what its worth, but it sounds like you already know the main issue. Why not unroot a 2 inch by 2 inch section of plants and clean the gravel and start picking up the substrates slowly? Since you will be stirring up a lot of leftovers, you shouldn't have to feed too much if at all. Even though its a small area, it should stir up the bottom around it pretty good and you could always replant that and make another 2 x 2 hole on the other side of the tank.
  6. I have a hanging filter that came with the aquarium kit and I want to add a sponge filter. Is it ok to add a sponge filter while shrimp are in the tank? Do I have to worry about parameters changing? I have cherry shrimp, some moss, and small snails. I bought BACTO-SURGE HIGH DENSITY FOAM FILTER and Tetra 77847 Whisper Air Pump, up to 20-Gallon Thanks!
  7. WTB Locally in LA, CA

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  9. WTB Locally in LA, CA

    I have some blue dream neos, but I'm in OC, dunno if that's too far for you.

    That Looks shrimptastic!!!!
  11. Jalapenos?

    no it was some type of hot pepper. here is an article talking about peppers & Astaxanthin http://blog.petsolutions.com/fish/cayenne-pepper-fish-food/
  12. I recently acquired some F5-F6 Tangtai and was wondering which Bees would yield which results if there is a correlation? I was thinking of crossing back with Blue Bolt as my fisrt choice but I also have PRL, CRS and CBS both thrown from my Golden Bees. Any and all input is greatly appreciated 👍
  13. Aluminum sulfate (alum) and CRS

    Welcome tlarsen to the forum. For me aluminum sulfate is to harsh. I have used a salt dip in the past but Greenpepper has a product called Predator that would be my go to product now. I have successfully used it to kill snails and their eggs in a tank after removing the shrimp. It is an all natural product that I believe is made from plants. I would type in Predator in the search bar to locate the conversation.,,,,Mike
  14. Newbie Shrimp Setup

    Hey Gordy, Glad to hear things are finally working out for you. Hopefully some plants can use up of of the nitrates. I know some people have no issues with 0 KH but sometimes failure of the shrimp to moult can occur. Happy Shrimping Friend!
  15. blue crown carries them frequently. bought some from him once. very nice active shrimp. seems to be the only person ive seen selling them too
  16. Hey guys! Just throwing this out there since we barely see them. Looking to buy any of these variants. Thanks Ren
  17. Jalapenos?

    paprika? that's my closest to peppers. it was commercial. my shrimp didn't touch it.
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  19. Wilds are just brown. Orange is a mutation. Like orange neo u can breed them if you like.
  20. Super crystal black

    SCR Santa and low grade scb. The low grade was just the left over straggler from when he did have scb because he doesn't sell low grade as regular
  21. Super crystal black

    you'll ruin SCR and Its reaaally hard to get the right pattern for SCR and SCB. There really isnt a shortcut besides starting from getting grade b-c and starting from there to breed the color richness, but even then you'll produce tons of the cull A patterns etc that youll want to remove. Its better to just buy it from someone. Jason Lin from Blue crown located in El Monte, frequently imports them in along with SCR. I have a picture of a Low grade SCB from him. Let me find it.
  22. Hey guys I haven't seen them around. Would it be better to breed low grade cbs with SCR to get closer to SCB? Or would it be better to select more black coverage from low grade cbs? I'm assuming the color coverage would be the first step to replicating a SCB? Thanks
  23. Wheres my shrimp??

    they dont float, or at least in my experience. But like shrimple minded said, if you have other tank inhabitants, they will get eaten.
  24. Wheres my shrimp??

    Could be hidden under objects in tank, or likely eaten by the other tank inhabitants, including the other shrimp. Or they could be hiding still.......
  25. Wheres my shrimp??

    I'm new - When shrimp die, what happens? Do they float, turn to debris, kinda vanish? I bought 5 shrimp a few weeks ago. I've seen two at once today-so I got at least two. I have a 5 gallon tank with hiding spots, but I look pretty close. I guess they could be really hidden, kind of like my cat can crawl under my couch somehow. At the same time, I don't see any floating shrimp. One note- about two weeks ago, I was only seeing two or three at a time, imported a new piece of wood into the tank and seen all 5 all of a sudden. Thanks!
  26. Jalapenos?

    no, but I have seen some diy fish food with some sort of pepper in it. I have been curious about this myself.

    Hi Everyone!!! I am offering for $20 including shipping, the "HAPPY SHRIMP PILE" A pile of things, to make your shrimp Happy! For $20, you will get- 15 Mulberry Leaves 1 Glass Feeding Dish (55 or 65mm/ your choice) 1 Moss Ledge (choose from 1.25" or 2") (Black, 3D Printed) 1 4" Cholla Wood 2 Plantain Stems 10 Alder Cones 2 Indian Almond Leaves (small) Snowflake food (2x2" bag) 2 Food Samples ( 2- 2x2" bags/will be brand name food but chosen at random) *some things are not pictured, - cholla, moss ledge, indian almond leaves* Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail
  28. LAST CALL FOR MY CRS! I have a few juvies left if anyone local would like some, I am planning on selling my entire tank (hardware, shrimp, plants, and all) because I am moving overseas soon. Anyone local who would like some please PM me!
  29. Micmol Aqua Air 20W

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