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  2. New setup 10gal tank for pintos tbs

    Hi DETAquarium, love your youtube channel and your tanks btw. Yes the flow is quite strong, it's a bit better now once I drilled a bigger holes in the spray bar. It's ok for adult shrimps but I'm a little bit worry if the baby shrimps going to be ok. I think the flow is always stronger in new setup, in a few weeks it should be reduced when filter clogged a bit. I'm not planning to clean Eheim with media at all, only going to clean prefilter chamber where I have a sponge and wool floss and sponge filter connected to intake tube.
  3. Hey guys. On my way back to the hobby (Finally after our move). Thinking of doing a UN 60U tank w/ glass hardware. Low tech, with some CRS. Glass hardware, clear tubes, canister filter below the tank to have the tank as the main focus to relax and enjoy. Question: The glass hardware (never used it before). I'm assuming they're typically slotted small enough that adult shrimp can't get sucked in, but I imagine any babies might get sucked into the canister. Do they make input tubes w/ smaller holes? If not, I imagine hiding a glass tube w/ a sponge on the bottom behind a stone / plant won't be an issue, just curious. Thanks!
  4. Shrimp Sanctuary. Need help.

    Oof, that's a big range. Not only is the low end kind of low, the high end is also a bit high. They'll probably survive in it but extended periods in the high 70s will increase your chances of bacterial infections. A fan over the water in the summer will increase evaporation and decrease temps, you can probably swing it without a chiller. I'd suggest you double down on an external thermostat that will cut power to the heater if it goes overboard. I know it'll cost you a bit more upfront but losing everything to a faulty heater would be such a shame. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific recommendations (I just don't have a heater) but it shouldn't be too hard to find. EDIT: This just happened to someone on TPT, there are examples of controllers in the thread: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/8-general-planted-tank-discussion/1205874-tank-got-nuked-today.html#post10543378
  5. Shrimp Sanctuary. Need help.

    Perfect! Just what I was looking for!!
  6. Shrimp Sanctuary. Need help.

    1, The Cory's are a ways off, but I totally agree. 2,3,4 excellent! I will look into that. 5, my home fluctuates wildly with the outdoor conditions, in NH the temp ranges -30° to 100°+ through the year. My home ranges from 50°-80.
  7. Shrimp Sanctuary. Need help.

    There a couple issues with your setup that will prevent it from being a shrimp "sanctuary". They might breed as it is but your population might take longer to take off. 1. 15 pigmy cories might be an issue. Never having had them, I can't speak as to their appetite for shrimp but they may very well gobble up some baby shrimp. There are many who successfully breed shrimp with a couple fish in the tank, just be aware that they might slow population growth. 2. pH is slightly low for neos. Again, they'll likely breed, but they might be better off with something around 7. 3. kH and gH are too low. Grant's got some good advice, consider remineralizing your water before putting it in the tank. 4. Avoid CO2 for now. It's best to start with one goal per tank. Trying to set up a high-tech shrimp breeder with fish is incredibly tricky, the only way you could make it worse is by trying to breed cards at the same time. Shrimp do not like CO2 or pH swings. Let your colony grow before trying to acclimate them to CO2 (and when you do add CO2, make sure to acclimate them slowly -- like over a couple weeks). 5. What temperature fluctuations do you have in the tank without the heater? Most of the time, shrimp don't need a heater. Not only are they often unnecessary, they're little time-bombs. There's always a risk the thermostat will break and your heater will just cook the entire tank over the course of a day. Unless you really need it, I would advise against it. Best of luck!
  8. Shrimp Sanctuary. Need help.

    Aim for 220 tds 7 gh and 3 kh if your tap water is already above 200 tds with out doing anything then you may want to try ro water and remineralizer. If your tds is below 200 you can easily add minerals on top of it like brightwell kh+ or ss gh kh to raise your gh and kh to your desired levels.
  9. Rubbermaid Tubs

    Ultimately it depends on the type of substrate you prefer. If your preference is ADA Aquasoil, then you will run into problems with just swapping tubs out due to the ammonia produced. If you prefer an inert, or a buffering substrate that you are certain doesn't alter the water qualities drastically or produces ammonia, then you should be fine.
  10. Remineralizing during fishless cycle?

    I use remineralized water from start to finish. How long has to total cycle taken thus far?
  11. New setup 10gal tank for pintos tbs

    Very nice setup! Is the Eheim 2213 producing to much flow in your opinion?
  12. Yes, I use remineralized ro/di water. tried once with straight ro/di water and my cycle hung for over a month.
  13. Preferred Metal Rack

    No there is not a cross beam under the wood on each shelf. That is why I took the wood/mdf out and put 2x8's in its place.
  14. Preferred Metal Rack

    That was the front runner of my finding. I cannot tell if there is extra support under the particle board so I have been kind of deterred. Is there crossbeams under the wood on every shelf?
  15. BEST&BULK SIZE shrimp food!

    as @ClownPlanted said there is no BEST food to feed and a varied diet is your best bet. I am in the middle of trying out a food (pelletized) made by a friend that I have been feeding for the past 6-7 months with the intent to sell as long as I see the results I am expecting to see. At the moment I am trying to figure out the best size for my shrimp. I have a few trial portions I could sell. If you are interested pm me? I have not gone live with this food yet, because I want to be sure that my shrimp thrive on it first. I feed my shrimp every other day, I feed this food every time. On Sunday I drop a mulberry leaf into the tank. So far I have had 3 new spawns of blue dreams in one tank feeding this food. In a tank right next to it I have had 3 new spawns of blue dreams while feeding benibachi gold the same way. That being said once I finish my trial on this food, I will go back to my regular rotation of a few different foods thoughout a month including this one.
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  17. New setup 10gal tank for pintos tbs

    Eheim with prefilter and thermo regulator, i only connected fan and I didn't install the heater yet but it's not needed unless I go on vacation in the winter and switch the heating off.
  18. Can I feed them this? (Cherry Shrimp)

    Personally I would not use it as there is no evidence that the copper does not build up in the shrimps system over time. However, lots of prepared foods including some of the shrimp/lobster foods include this ingredient.
  19. New setup 10gal tank for pintos tbs

    Two weeks passed and the cycle has been completed. It's time for shrimps:) I added: 4 TB males - 2 good grade pandas, 1 low grade panda and one red bolt 16 Mischling females around half of them beried from Tbs but few of them from other Mischlings Mischlings made by crossbreed tb with tangerine tiger shrimp, a lot of them 2nd generation Mischlings with tbs
  20. Preferred Metal Rack

    I use an older version of this one: https://www.lowes.com/pd/edsal-72-in-H-x-48-in-W-x-24-in-D-5-Tier-Steel-Freestanding-Shelving-Unit/1000527 I took the MDF board out and cut some 2x8(2x4 will work too) pieces to take its place and to hold the weight.
  21. Shrimp Molting Issue?

    lucky, I wish mine could handle 24 gh.
  22. Shrimp Molting Issue?

    as mentioned, that gh is a bit high.
  23. Need Help! Can't identify shrimp.

    are you talking about the racing stripe down the back?
  24. Rubbermaid Tubs

    lots of people use rubbermaid type tubs for keeping & breeding shrimp. I dont think it is better or worse than using a glass aquarium except for the visibility from the front.
  25. PRL CRS for sale dirt cheap

    PM sent
  26. PRL CRS for sale dirt cheap

    Howdy peeps, I have a 5 gallon tank that is being over run with PRL and I desperately need to sell some. I got them from techsmith who told me he got his from Green Pepper shrimp. I am selling them for 4$ each plus shipping and have at least 30 to sell probably more! All juvies or babies which have been raised in pH 6.5 and TDS about 180. I am one my 5th set of babies at least and really want to get rid of some as they are eating me out of house and home 😁
  27. Good afternoon everyone, I'm having some issues finding out the Perfect Chemistry for my water. My immediate goal: Breeding Neo Shrimp population. Long term goal: an attractive, lush, peaceful tank with plenty of shrimp and a school of tiny Cory cats. Current Stats: PH: 6.5 dKH: 1 dGH: 4.5 It's a 29 gallon, moderately planted tank, using a Finnex Planted 24/7 SE 30" lighting system, typically on max. A 45gallon Aqueon HOB filter W/Sponge. An Aqueon 100w heater. Hopefully soon Co2, one I have a more stable water parameter. Inhabitants: 6 Orange Neocaridina. (I've bought all the oranges within 70 miles that I could find..) Adding eventually: 6 Oto cats (currently in QT after an outbreak. 15 Pygmaeus corys. Main concern: My KH is low and if I use Co2, my tank could have wild swings in PH and kill things. Where should my numbers be, how do I get them there? VID_20171021_204457660.mp4
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