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  3. Going for cloud/nanacy patterns. Getting closer!
  4. Just posted part 2
  5. Soothing- Im trying to treat a 20gallon tank for planaria. I bought the same bottle of Fenbendazole you show but im confused how much to dose exactly. Each packet inside is 250 mgs so im thinking it should be a little less than 1 packet for the whole tank. Does that sound right? Seems like alot though. Thank you.
  6. Thank you everybody!!! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. Hey just wondering if you still had any bucephalandra for sale still. If possible I'm looking for five of the Bucephalandra sp. Arrogant Blue. My email is 

    Thanks stephen

  9. Erik is a great great dude!! I bought buce from him (tons of it). blue dwarf crays too.
  10. I had crabs once but i used medicine that killed them
  11. Look out for those crabs
  12. I was thinking the same as BostonEric. Its worth the extra $$$ to save yourself alot more wasted $$$ in the end.
  13. Erik Lucas @
  14. Anyone know of a reparable breeder of super tigers?
  15. Does anyone have any OEBT for sale? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Yesterday
  17. $0.50 each. They are about 6" in length. Diameter ranges from 0.75" - 3". These are not fully hollow which is why they are so cheap. There are some wood blocking the exits. PM Me if interested. Shipping will cost roughly $4 for under 1lb. If it's more than 1lb, it will probably cost about $8 - $13 depending on weight.
  18. True! Some of my first shrimp were orange, and they were a mix of Sakura and neons, and I was thinking it was the solid ones that were more brilliant but maybe it was the neons... The brighter the better honestly. I'll dig back thru old photos and see if I can find some of the ones I'm thinking of... Then there was my mixed tank... I like the color on the larger females with the backlines near the front.
  19. I used to have oranges like that, but I discontinued breeding them last year (regrets!) I recently got some new oranges but they are more like neon orange rather then sakura. To be honest after having both varieties the neon orange is super vibrant and nice. If you can't find a sakura type (which is very hard) then I don't think you will be disappointed with Neon/Regular Oranges. In my opinion, they are so underrated!
  20. Agreed! It seems my yellow Neos don't care for shrimp food but rather pick detritus off the substrate. However , my Red and black crystal shrimp love certain shrimp food, others not so much.
  21. you'll spend more money on shrimp dying then you will on soil. if you dont have the $ to do the basics i'd suggest you wait until you can.
  22. Okay, at the bit of sounding just a bit negative today, I'm pondering on a few things that have been on my mind lately when talking to a few people about creating and maintaining botanical-style aquariums. I'm thinking that I felt like writing this blog today because, as more an more hobbyists get into the game, they're attempting to start brand-new to the aquarium world, in less-conventional areas of the hobby, like the blackwater tanks, Rift Lake cichlids, or complex planted tanks, without any type of fundamental foundation. Or at the very least, starting down these specialized roads with very limited general experience, and some bad assumptions. There are a lot of articles, blogs, and tips on "how to succeed at this-or-that" aspect of the hobby, which is awesome. But those of us who have been in the hobby and industry for a while have seen a lot of, for want of a better term- the "dark side" of the aquarium hobby. We've seen all kinds of hobbyists, businesses, and ideas come and go. And after a while, you get a distinct feeling that you know what works and what doesn't. You can see when "the train is headed for the washed-out bridge", or "the ship is steering into the rocks", if you will. And if you're in a position to should if you can. Today, in the hope that we can all learn about what does NOT work, I give you 5 ways to fail with aquariums. (This is really geared towards YOU- the more advanced aquarist, or the LFS person- in the interest of creating a discussion track for you to run with when dealing with someone who is completely new to aquariums, or maybe slightly experienced and perhaps...a bit misled.) It's kind of our job, as advanced hobbyists, industry types, and good stewards of the aquarium-keeping world to look at the absurdity of some of this stuff, so that we can prevent others from making these horrible mistakes! Here are my top 5. No doubt you have more, but it's a start! (click to read more)
  23. SOLD.
  24. I enjoy her videos too. She is very knowledgeable and covers alot of topics that are pretty important!
  25. muriatic acid is the best acid for testing rocks, but vinegar will work. with the muriatic acid it only takes a few drops. If it starts to fizz or bubble it will change your parameters a lot. With the vinegar, if you have any rocks small enough to go in a clear glass or bowl, then cover with vinegar it will produce bubbles. (note oxygen will be trapped in the holes of the rock and will escape, but that looks different) I have never tried lava rock with the ro water test. I have always been told lava rock was inert. I guess as porous as lava rock is, there may be something down in some of the pores causing the change in parameters.
  26. Hey Dao, I wouldn't use any rocks in my shrimp tanks just to keep things simple & successful. The reason I say this is because a swing of just 15 TDS can be lethal to a majority of freshwater inverts....
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