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Iowa Shrimper


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Hey everybody,

I got some sample food from Puddles and this site was printed on his card. I went to message him on TPT to see about ordering some food and he was banned. So I came here to stalk him.


I keep a 55g tank of RCS and am trying to get a carbon rili tank running. I started out with 11. I've lost 3 or 4, one berried female. I managed to scrape her eggs and keep them in a separate container, wound up with about 20 little ones from that experience to my surprise. It's basically impossible to see anything but adults on the eco complete substrate though. I'm just playing the waiting game to see if these guys will take off or not.  

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Soothing - Filled a small tupperware container with tank water, set the lid loosely on top. I used an oral syringe to stir up the water a couple times per day. I think I was just lucky, they hatched about a week later. I was actually just trying to decide how I would do a water change when I noticed shrimplets. They hatched for about 3 days.  

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