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Shrimp -Breeders n Keepers Wild Shrimp - China Edition


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Offer title: Breeders n Keepers Wild Shrimp - China Edition

Offer Submitter: Oblongshrimp

Offer Submitted: 27 Jul 2014

Offer Category: Shrimp

New Breeders n Keepers magazine!  This is not volume three but a special edition that explores the native habit of wild shrimp.  This magazine comes in Black or White.


Shipping is $5 for orders under $50 and free for orders over $50.


During recent years especially shrimps have been climbing up the ladder of popularity within aquarists. In the beginning there was not much knowledge about those animals and keeping them led often to problems. Thus Chris Lukhaup and Werner Klotz decided early to undertake tours to the countries of origin in order to research about the animals and their life habits. Especially the South of China is a hotspot of various kinds of shrimp. This is why this special issue of the Breeders & Keepers series focuses on the shrimps and habitats of the red super nation. A Crusta Hunter trip with 125 pictures, adventures and insights around wild shrimp.


Approx. 122 pages



You can also order Breeders n Keepers Wild Shrimp - China Edition directly from my website.



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I have heard around October.

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maybe like free shipping ;)

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