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Shrimp in hardscape?

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Has anyone tried to keep shrimp in a hardscape tank?


I'm thinking of switching from moss to hardscape for my neos.  I'm just not responsible enough with lighting to keep hair algae away from consuming my moss.


Seems to me with biofilm/feeding, hardscape should be fine.  Opinions?

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I was thinking about this the other day ... sometimes people will take a bunch of rocks and put them on a windowsill in old tank water to grow algae to feed otocinclus. Then they just rotate the rocks in and out of the tank. There isn't any reason this wouldn't work for shrimp, is there? They would still develop a coating of biofilm.


I suppose it would probably still not be sufficient if the quantity of shrimp to be fed is large enough, but at least it would be something else to add to the rotation of food sources, right?

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What about half substrate half bare bottom with hard scape ? This would give you more horizontal surface to grow bio film, you could also do your feeding on the bare side make's it easer to clean and cull, dose the tank with bacter ae every two day's.

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