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I think I found a cure for Green Fungus

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I bought a few fire red cherries from a local lfs three weeks ago and was disappointed to see one had the dreaded green fungus. I quarantined it with some moss soon after bringing it back home. At first, I thought it had no hope, but about a week ago I found an article listing possible cures for it. The article stated MarksShrimpTanks uses hydrogen peroxide on his shrimp tanks to treat shrimp diseases, including green fungus. Instead of using it on my whole fish tank, I decided to dose it on my quarantined shrimp. I used about 1/16 of a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide for 4 cups of aquarium water (guess work). After a few days, I was delighted to see the fungus had cleared up by a lot. I am watching the shrimp now and the fungus seems to be almost entirely cleared up.


Just wanted to share a treatment that worked out for me. Thanks for reading!

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Something so simple!

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