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Heater recommendation - 2020

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I've searched the forum and not found a recent thread on this, so I am starting a new one.


I have a 20 gallon Sulawesi tank that needs very stable, and relatively high (82 F), temperature.  I need a reliable heater, especially with the cold Chicago winter coming up.


I had bought a Cobalt, which I thought was a top line heater, only to have it fail after 4 months (I should have taken the reviews more seriously).  Unfortunately most of the review I read inevitable have comments from users who have their heater fail (Cobalt, Hygger, Aqueon, etc) so it's hard to know which is a good product today.


So are there any recommendations for a manufacture that is currently shipping a reliable heater?  





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never tried, as I didn't want to replace a bad unit with another unreliable unit.  


I bought some oversized Fluval M100 heaters (compared to the tank size of 20 gallons). 


Hopefully these hold up better



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the saga continues.........................


I am going to return the Fluval M100 heaters because they are not heating the tank enough.  I am trying for 84 degrees.  The heaters are at the highest setting (86) but the tank is only getting to 81.  I've re-reviewed the Amazon comments, and I can find a recent comment that shares the same experience.


I'm going to try a Hygger heater next.

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So Hygger didn't have any 100W + heaters (that I could find).  So I ended up ordering a Orlushy Submersible Aquarium heater - 150 W.


Interestingly, the Orlushy manufacture acknowledges that the heater dial settings may not match the final water temperature, so they provide a digital thermometer with the unit so that you can calibrate the desired temperature before using the unit.  


I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but it at least was honest.   I've now got the heater dial to give the temperature I want (it was about 2 degrees lower in the water than what the dial was set at).  Now if it can just perform reliably, I'll be happy with the unit.

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