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What do you listen too?


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Music is a big part of my life I must say. I love listening to songs everyday and even though I'm bad, I like singing to them too haha.

I was wondering what favorite genres or artists you guys like listening to!

I'll start. I like a huge variety of music. The only type I have found to dislike is hardcore rap. I grew up on country but have found myself mainly listening to rock and post hardcore metal now-a-days. And because of my girlfriend I have started to like electronic music more especially when they are mixed in with rock.

Favorite all time songs:

Fishin' in the Dark by the nitty gritty dirt band

Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio

Current artists I've been listening to

Pendulum: the other side

Punk Goes Pop: boyfriend by justin beiber (covered by issues) [explicit]

Sleeping with Sirens: dead walker Texas ranger [explicit]

I figured I'd mark those that were explicit in case someone has a kid hanging around.

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I like an eclectic mix of music.


Love classic 80's & 90's that I grew up with.Now my taste range in everything from classic Metallica (Sandman) to more modern things like Dead Mouse & dare I say I even enjoy Adele lol my wife was surprised to find her on my spotify playlist.


As a kid I spent a year living in Wyoming and grew to enjoy Native American traditional music. I think it helped that I always would draw and paint and music would help me visualize ideas so I never limited myself to one genre.

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I like indie, alternative rock, punk pop, and random stuff like Yelle - she's a crazy French pop artist. My favorite band is Blink 182. I even like some rap. I'm pretty open minded about music. I like classical too and really appreciate it because I play the flute and I know how much work it takes. I'm sure that's how it is for any genre but I can relate to classical.

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