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Help, Anyone willing to sell me 7 berried shrimp for a 100. Desperate!


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Since I lost my starter collection of TB's once again, I am in great need and desperate.


Anyone willing to sell me:


One - WR Berried

One - King Kong Berried - can be a berried cross of KK/P

One - Panda Berried - can be a berried cross of P / KK or Blue Panda cross TB

One - Blue Bolt Berried

One - SSS CBS Berried

One - SSS CRS Berried

One - Royal Blue OE Tiger Berried



For 100.00 dollars shipped. That is all I have is a hundred bucks to offer. There is no way to replace

what I lost for that price unless I can get some berried shrimps. So 7 berried shrimp for a hundred bucks

shipped and I live in Montana - 59701



Please PM if this is possible. It probably isn't, but if I don't ask, I can't get a yes or a no.  I just put all of my money into

replacing the starter collection I bought and died, and my new Mr. Aqua 12 gallon tank setup, so all I have left is 100 bucks. It

will be awhile before I can put anymore dollars into shrimp. You have no idea how much I would appreciate it!



TB's is my interest and the kind of shrimp I like. King Kongs, Pandas, Blue Bolts, Wine Reds, SSS CBS, SSS CRS, Snows, and

I like the Royal Blue Orange Eyed Tigers, but I keep them separate. Either way I am looking for help. I do have two barely used

Marineland BioWheel 100 HOB's I could throw in too.


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Well, shipping berried female may not a good idea.


if you can find local, may worth to try.


going through shipping, it would be stressed, may drop the egg before arrival.

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So I am sol, another words. No way, eh? Bummer...

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Yeah berried tb in the mail, would be a bad call. Also I find it hard pressed for anyone to send berried females as each one is worth hundreds of $$$


other thing is like that you have a colony started from single mom.

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That would be an amazing deal if you could find anyone willing to give you even 3 berried females for $100. 


But like others said it be low chance they keep eggs during shipping. 


On aquabid I seen a guy who sells packs of TB's something like 4-5 of kind. 


How did you lose the first 2 batches?

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the first batch I used too much of the Fenben by mistake, and the second batch, I used

something called Algae Fix. I only used three drops, but it was too late. The shrimp reacted

and died. I immediately changed the water and filter and ran active charcoal filter right away,

but it was still too late. Three drops did them in. Petco employee swore they would be fine,

yeah right. It is was two very expensive and depressed lessons that I have learned with raising

shrimp. One's I will never make again.


It doesn't matter how much research, and learning, and talking you do. You will live and learn

in this hobby, and I hope I made my two biggest mistakes ever, and won't be killing off anymore

collections in the future. 

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I did something like that with oebt. Used some meds and killed first batch.

Now I just keep setups & routine as simple as possible lol

I notice you mention you lost your TB collection but not sure why you would buy CBS/CRS and Royal Tiger to replace tb's.

Just buy 5 juvies and start fresh. Even if you get all off one kind of TB you just have to be patient and you will get all the variations.

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I wouldn't trust a petco employ to tell me where the bathroom was. All that messing around with the tank doing this doing that is doing more harm than good. I would make sure your system is running the way you want before adding anything else. If you have a problem ask us there is a ton of knowledge and experience here that provide pretty definitive answers. Sorry you lost shrimp my best advice is to get your system running right and get some mischling's and a few tb's and try again.

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they were all in the same tank temporarly, so I had my Tigers, and crs, cbs in with the tb's at the time, they were

only supposed to be in the same tank for two days, so that's why. it was just a wierd disaster.

But yeah, I mainly want TB's. I have 4 tanks, one is TB's, one is CBS, one is Tigers, and one is crs, and

I have a spare, plus a couple of fish tanks.

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Get some juvies and start fresh that's your best choice right now. With your budget I'm sure you can find 5-6 juvies of say BKK.


I just can't see anyone selling that many berried females for $100 heck not even my buddy who has 4 TB tanks would sell me his berried females LOL


Females are just to valuable for a colony specially your average hobbyist  

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I can of figured that, but I thought, it wouldn't hurt anything to ask.

Maybe someone is just way overstocked and could afford to be generous,

But I figured, you can't get a Yes, if you don't ask.  lol

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Don't want to sound like a total ass or dickhead. But with 2 fail attempts, have you considered taking it slow and do neos? All of the shrimps you're asking for is nearly $15/ea+ and that's for juveniles.

Most wouldn't ship because it's high risk for the shrimps. Adults already don't adapt well to new parameters and to make matter worst, you want berried adult females. That's assured death.

Sorry to break it down like that. It's just a hard situation.

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I hear ya, but they are in there new home now and all that I have left are doing fine.

I just made the two big mistakes. Everything is fine, but the first one, I overdosed with FenBen,

and the second was using three drops of Algae fix. Those were the two costly mistakes

I have made. Other than that, I feel like I have a much better knowledge of what I am doing

now, and they were two hard lessons to learn and costly ones too. But I feel like I am

in a better place now, The TB's that I have left are set up in a nice new Mr. Aqua tank

that is setup perfect for them and water parameter is perfect.


The few Tigers I have left are in their own 10 gallon tank, and the CBS fry and the few CBS

that I have left are in their own 10 gallon tank too, and everyone seems to be doing good now,

and doing well.


So, when I get some more funds, I will replace my TB's and I should be fine from here on out.

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Thanks Soothing Shrimp!

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There will always be new lessons to be learned haha. Best bet is find a schedule, foods and products that work for you and the shrimp do good and do not change it! I do the same water changes, feed the same foods and use the same products every week.

I think one of the most important things is to watch your shrimp, I do not test anything other than tds. Watch for molts, splits in shells, and every day behavior. You will get used to how your shrimp act and they will tell you without the hassle of testing. For instance if i notice a split appearing on a royal i know my gh is creeping up, much faster and more reliable than the hard to read test kits.

Just my 2 cents on keeping shrmp lol.

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Well, PTL, one of my sales went through, so I will be able to have some more to spend to get my starter collection back of TB's.

But, I still spent a lot of money getting the new Mr. Aqua 12 gallon setup for them, so I can't go crazy and still have to watch

my pennies, so now I can see what I can do to get a better deal of what I want, but still temper myself.   lol

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