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soon to be rcs


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Ok so I have a ten gallon tank with the following stock,

7-8 adult mosquitofish

10 mosquitofish fry(in a breeder box)

4 kuhli loaches

2 otocinclue

And 1upside down catfish

For plants I have

A ton of java moss

A java fern

A couple java fern plantlets

And alitte bit of hornwort.

So I was thinking about getting some rcs from my lfs in a week or so but i was worried if the mosquitofish would eat them, I was thinking about moving fry to a small bowl and putting rcs in there until there bigger. Would that work?

And I'm not even a teen so excuse my writing.

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My suggestion is to get another container and try some cherry shrimp in there.  Being so young, I understand not having money for another large tank.  You can get a 2.5g for around $15 and it comes with a lid.  If that is too costly, you can also use see through storage containers.  You'd be surprised what you can do with a little creativity. :)


I don't think I'd trust those types of fish with shrimp, my friend.  But it doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the shrimping hobby. :thumbsu:

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Yeah I want to get a shrimp tank but I can't because I can only have one tank in rentals and ,y parents are renting until we can find a house and stuff, I think I may try makeing another container for the fry and puting shrimp in the breeder box until big and I will put preg ones in there too,

could I make alittle part of the bottom of my tank a mat of some cheap plant? If so which plantwpuld help?

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That's a nice tank. I think your moss and java ferns are perfect shrimp-tank flora.


I think I'd consider what Soothing said, and do a non-tank other container for your cherry shrimp. Your fry and fish are probably happy where they are, and your shrimp can be happy in another container. I would also worry about your fish snacking on your shrimp, no matter how old the shrimp are.


It depends on how your family feels about bending/interpreting rules, but a large glass vase or clear storage container can make a decent "tank" for shrimp, comparable to the 2.5g plastic ones you see at the pet store. You have to be attentive due to the small water volume, because even cherry shrimp need good water conditions, but it can be done. Minifilters are available too, that fit inside small containers and just plug into the wall, no external parts.


I keep my cull shrimp in a cylindrical glass vase with no filtration or heat when they get pulled out of my main 10g tank. There are lots of plants and moss in there, and I try to do more frequent small water changes. Some die; I accept this, because I don't have anywhere else for them to go and they are my "culls", but the others seem happy. I call them my "zoomers" because they zoom around the glass, apparently quite enjoying it.


Remember though, if you take the pico-tank option, it is more difficult when you first start out and you may lose quite a few shrimp before you get it right. Use inexpensive shrimp. Also, biofilm and an established, nitrogen-cycled environment are just as important in a tiny tank as a big one, so it takes some patience initially.

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