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Is it even safe anymore?

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Pretty sad to see eBay sellers ship fakes...

I purchased Superior Blue Grass Guppies about 2-3 months ago. The fishes are finally showing some color and I noticed it's NOT the fish I ordered. I received some endlers I believe? It's throwing off a orange/black color. So far I only see 2 guppies that are actually throwing off the correct color. What should I do with the endlers since they would probably ruin the strain? Sad to see me pay $50 and get something not even worth $10...

NEVER buy from sharksoft on eBay.

By the time, the fish shows their true color, it's too late to event open a claim against them. Most people leave feedback upon receiving them which is bad as well...

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This is why reputation is everything. People lineup for speedie's shrjmp because of his positive reputation (along with his pro shipping methods, great pics, and overall great business practices).

Sorry it happened to you buddy.

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I guess eBay's feedback system is useless in terms of judging how a seller is...

The feedback value on eBay is a joke...

I wish people here sell blue grass guppies :P

I woulda bought from someone here.


"I would sell the endlers, and then tell the dude to give your money back, if that doesn't work you can always try and sell the fry whenthere bigger. "


If their goal is to scam you, why would they refund you?

Most people leave feedback upon receiving their fish in regards to health upon arrival.

After 2-3 months when color shows, you freak out but can't do anything...


I also hate how eBay apparently sides with the seller/buyer with "MORE" feedback.

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+1 to buying from someone you trust.  However, that is just not possible all the time when you are looking for something no one can give a reference to buy from.


I bought some black chins for a very good price from Chris's Fishes off AB.  First he sent convicts.  When I contacted him, he said he must have mixed up orders.  Which I gave benefit of teh doubt.  Stuff like that happens.  Then he sent me the chins.  I left nice positive feedback.  Now, months later, 3 juvies have turned out to actually be black bar endlers.  I contacted him and he says he doesn't keep endlers with his chins...


...amazing how spontaneous species evolution happens. :phew:


I knew that would be the risk I would take dealing with someone I'd never heard of though.  These fish are livebearers, so I'll be okay, but I just don't understand why people do that sort of thing.  The only thing in this world you have to hold onto is respect and honesty in yourself.  When that is stripped away, it can be pretty ugly having yourself for a roommate the rest of your life. :sick:

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