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Algae problem


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Not roots. It's growing a lot of the plants and some rocks. Went away for a week - plants grew out of control. Found this I want to say in some of the shadier spots of tank. Should I dose more - flourish. Keep up with excel. Currently I dose flourish 2-3 times a week. Excel everyday I can remember. Tank has good light 6700k twin T5 and twin 9000k. Nitrates are currently a little on high side this has me disturbed because I take pride in water quality and can't figure this out. Bought 10 Amanos. But they look frightened by it. Again any help would be appreciated. It is black btw

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My guppies would eat it when no other food was provided. I had it for a while, honestly don't know what made it go away in the end (maybe it just lost the battle with the hair algae I have now).

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