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Ya I heat my entire room also. It was much more cost efficient then heating all the tanks.


When I made the room I plumbed into our heating unit, but that didn't work to great as we only have one thermostat for the whole house. So teh house would reach temp and my room would be cooler side.

I ended up getting a portable electric Dyson heater to make up the difference and worked out fine. And didn't cost much more in electric.


But I do use heaters on my Angel tanks.


Finnex HMA. And they work like a champ!


What size tank Derek?

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I like hydor heaters have worked pretty well for me on my Sulawesi tanks :)

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I tried a ton of heaters, trying to find one that would be consistent and keep the temp steady and the only one

that I have found that has done that is the Ehiem heaters. I recently tried a new one called the Colbolt Neo-Therm

and it is a very good heater, easy to use, keeps the temp consistent, in my 12 gallon Mr Aqua tank. It was kind of

expensive, but it does do the job, and is as good as the Ehiem heaters, if not better.

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Eheim Jager work best for me. I do heat the room also, it stays warm in there anyways from my discus tanks and angels. They throw off a lot of heat with the 84F temp lol.

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Id have to agree with everyone who said the eheim jagers.

Eheim Jager series heaters have worked incredibly well for me and I cannot say enough about it. Basically have it for all my tanks and it's just so reliable.

Anyone looking for affordable Ehejm jager heaters I think the best place is Kens. His prices are cheaper than amazon's and if you're setting a rack or multiple tanks, you'll hit the $75 free shipping pretty easily.

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