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Aura Blue Shrimp

Vicente Mcdonnell

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I saw this auction on aquabid. I'm skeptical its really aura blue from the picture. It looks like a neo to me. Can any of you neo keepers and experts confirm from looling at the picture?


On that note, does anyone keep aura blues (blue tupfel shrimp) and does anyone know of someone selling them in north america?

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Wow, I've never heard they are more difficult. Mine are doing great so far. Colder, TB water makes them bluer. I think the reason that people have difficulty is because of the water parameters from which they come. Either match that or drip acclimate them for at least 8 hours. They are coming in more clear in the states. I believe this is because they have bred these for years in Germany and have perfected the bluer, saturated color. Of course we are going to get culls first. But out of 20 that I ordered from Canada these two were the most saturated so I have a good start.


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