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WTB a couple of hard to find shrimps

Vicente Mcdonnell

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I don't know anyone currently state side selling crystal whites or blue jellies and the blue jellies I got on pre order first order came looking like almost bkk with a blue tint second batch had a couple that looked like blue jellies. Blue jellies and green hulks are just not stable breeds yet

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Thats what ticks me off... Why do they sell them if they dont hold there color, if i payed that much for a shrimp and it changed color, i think i would be hoping a plane ride to kick someone ass lol

Exactly why they do sell and will continue to sell. You are willing to pay that much. Similar to dog farms, it's the consumers driving the demands and market.

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I think you  just missed the boat.


Randy has a group buy from Europe, it includes crystal white, but cut off at 9/15.


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