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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus

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Agreed. They sure will be getting fired for sure. 12 48-60" got sold for $12.16. about 8 24-36" got sold for $34.55


Better hurry guys because Fat Happy Pets DID fix the price on their end but takes 15 minutes to 24 hours to update on Amazon's end. It was showing the regular price of $91 something during this $12.16 but didn't take over fast enough. 

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I'm glad we all got great LED lights for a cheap price though I feel bad for the person who made the mistake.

First time using LED's. Hope this is good for planted tanks :)

they do a good job growing plants, i have one on my moss n buce tank and everything grow well
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Thanks for sharing your discovery. I've heard lots of goods things about the light. Should be here Monday. There was a post on another site that listed par for the various dimmer modes. I need to find it again.

Fyi there is a warehouse deal on 24-36" for $60, says used damaged box.. Ymmv.

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