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blue pearl & white pearl shrimps


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What is differences between low grade blue pearl & white pearl?

Both is Neocaridina cf. Zhangjiajiensis.

I look up white pearl that have white saddle,white eggs.

And i have blue pearl that is not blue.

More like white pearl no blue color

And saddle is dark,dark eggs.

Will spinach change color?

Some of them have little brownish color now. Because of spinach?

Thank you :)

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Too much spinach affects color weirdly in neos.  You could have very well stated the reason for the brown coloration.


However, the wild coloration is brownish, and if the brown is only in the head area- that's the guts you are seeing through the shell/tissue.


White pearls will have white eggs.

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Thank you for quick reply.

IAL & spinach.they always eating them.

Good thing is.since i switched water to ssgh/kh+. No death,hyper active.berry constantly. Finally enjoying shrimp keeping. 60< babies 5-6 berry more since i got them .

Thank you ahain !

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blue pearls do have brown eggs so that would be why their saddle is brown.

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Thank you.

Yes. Saddle & eggs is more Brown

And shell is clear white.

Vein & guts is brown and looks like brown tint on shell?.

Ass long as shrimps are happy im good.

They are flying everywhere like looking for female all the time.


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I got 10 blue pearls from the auction in april and they never have bred or gotten berried. They are very large for even some of the adult ones, not sure why they havent bred yet. They have also started to get some red stripes across thier backs. Ill see if I can get a picture here later.

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