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Freshwater Goby help


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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with fresh water gobys? I have one that was sold as a freshwater silver dragon goby. When I looked up images of this fish, they did not resemble the goby I have. The images that came up were or the Senegal bichir. The goby I have seems to prefer being on the sides of the aquarium just like a pleco. The goby has a circular disc like fin that is under its head/upper portion of body it seems to aid the fish in sticking to the glass. The Goby when on the sand does appear to stand on his pectoral fins. He is very bland looking just plain silver/grey. If anyone has any experience or knowledge with these fish I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Odd ball gobies can be work; especially with feeding. Mine only eat tiny live food, so im hatching micro batches of bbs daily forever.

Try wet web; they're great with specific emails and they're existing q&a posts

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So I went to the LFS that I got my "silver dragon goby" from and tell the guy that I cant find any information about him under that name. Then I realize that he only knows it by that name and likely will not be able to assist in correctly Id'ing the fish. Then I asked him what he eats because he is so small and his head his so much larger than his body proportionally. He proceeds to blow off my first question and states that he is a small goby and will stay small,  also that his head is supposed to be much bigger than the body. He tells me to feed foods that I have already been feeding...i.e. bloodworms. So I go home and feed him, dropped the blood worms directly infront of him. Nothing. He literally wont eat anything. Then the more I am staring at him I notice that his body is sunken in :( clearly he is malnourished. So I return to the pet store and tell the owner what I saw (the lack of eating and sunken body). He then tells me, well he didnt grow at all while he was here and he was here a long time. Ok now im really upset with the man. So clearly he knows the fish was failing to thrive and yet he sold him to me.


Not a happy fish momma right now.

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