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That would be nice. See the picture from James in the other thread, I think it is doable.


I just talked to MK who has arranged over 10 breeders in 5 different cities for our breeders tour, I might get to see some new colour development on bee shrimps. Rumor has it, purple is being worked on ;-)


Not sure if you've seen the orange bee shrimps have been announced and in production. They categorize them as Orange TB although I have doubt on that, more like COS to me with full orange coverage.

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I've heard of the purple, but have also heard the throw of purples is very low as of yet.  Same person who did the jades, right?


I think shrimpo was also thinking of breeding towards cos, but don't know if he started that project yet.


More than one breeders are doing purple, I'll try to get a sneak preview but so far the breeder hasn't agreed so. I hope we can share vision when I am  at his shrimp room ;-)


Orange ones are out already, around TB price on the source I saw in the states.




PURPLE???  I would pay alot  for purple shrimp


Your definition of a lot may not be the same as the breeders ;-) Main issue at the moment is still, like many other new shrimps, they look better in pictures than in person, so more work are being done on them to make them more consistent and more stable.


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I would most definitely be in line for purple bees, or COS. Some variations like that would definitely have a welcome place in the future shrimp rack.

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ya Purple Bee is definitely being worked on, saw one single purple shrimp when we met with MK just 2 weeks ago.  

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