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Something I havn't seemed mentioned.


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There was a post somewhere about leaf litter in the shrimp tanks but  something cool that I have not seem mentioned, .....   


I got some mulberry leaves from Han.  The shrimp are loving them but the surprise,  The Ottos are going crazy over it too!!!


And I just looked behind me at the tank.. the Mystery snail is about to over run  the leaf too. 

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Both great articles but neither mentioned the Ottos!  That was the surprising part for me. I  knew from reading threads here that the shrimp would love them, I was just surprised at the ottos and the snail

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What about leaves from the temperate zones? The only thing mentioned that I might be able to find locally are alder cones. Does that mean alder leaves are also beneficial? What about maple or oak leaves? Fruit tree leaves (unsprayed)?

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Ottos are cool and all but not sure the point of them in a shrimp tank. they just compete with the shrimp. snails tend to eat food the shrimp have missed, and some people think the snail waste provide food for the shrimp.

Don't ask where Eric lol but I remember reading that snails waste isn't what provides the food for shrimp. But that there slime trails give a greqtboostfor beneficial bacteria, microbes, and shrimplets goodie food to thrive breed and grow.

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