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Breather bags

Soothing Shrimp

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Buyer never came through, so I have the rest of my Ultimate Brand Breather Bags up for sale again.


65+ Ultimate brand breather bags (around 7" x 9.75") for only $15.


Anyone want 'em? 


You pay shipping, so you tell me if you want them snail mail or priority.  Fair?

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I like them Bryce. I agree I like the feel of the Kordon better, but I feel safer as they seem a little more sturdy and I don't have the scare they might rupture from miss handling from USPS.. Had that happen a couple times on empty bag test runs to ma.

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Yeah I have only had them on test runs I did for heat dispersion and how well cold packs work in the hottest days. We had a couple boxes show up for sure miss handled by the post office, and they week soaked upon delivery and a poped bag in the middle

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