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Reliable guppy seller

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Don't know. The albinos are very sensitive.  I've been trying to "hardy" them up.


I did a breeding project to create the plat white guppy with black eyes and have had good results now.  I should have some for sale soon if interested.


The plat whites are interesting.  From one angle the body looks white, from another yellow.  The fins are always white, although an orange streak can occasionally occur.


I have some albino see thru also which are just now breeding. :)

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Ok, I was just wondering because with plecos their can be 2 reds and on will have a albino gene and the other a resesibve and they will throw a 50/50 or regs and albino, and sometimes bronze cory will throw off a albino(albino corys and albino bronzy usally), but I have never seen any of my mosquitofish have a albino,

any pics of the black eye ones? And the clear ones? I love clear fish :)

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Anyone know a reliable guppy seller?

Tired of purchasing guppies and ending up with fakes and paid a crap load for them.

what are you looking for? if you are talking about the red/blue grass gups that is just how they are kinda like oebt have blonds from time to time. that is just part of the strain. what did you get that was fake and who are you buying from

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what do you mean they were shipped together? as both male and female in the same bag? both types? 

Purchase 12 guppy.

They ship you 12 "guppy"

After they grow up, you notice some are endlers.

I received fry so I couldn't tell anything until a good 3 months have passed

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