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Does anyone live near...

Soothing Shrimp

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It looks beautiful to me, too.  If it's illegal I won't ask it, however I've found several scientific papers on them and not one has mentioned illegal.  Very little is written on them beyond berrying, so little to no info on larvae or how long it takes to transform.  So far though it looks very similar to cherry shrimp, with the main difference being sw.

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The bad news is that bird rock is in a marine conservation area, no collecting.

The good news is I got this email response from http://www.coldwatermarineaquatics.com

"We regularly collect the Heptacarpus pictus (also called H. sitchensis or commonly called Sitka Shrimp) in green, striped, red or even a combination of colors.

They do well in a tank as long as there are no fish large enough to consider them prey.


STU WOBBE 541-513-6157 / JOSH GROVES 503-933-7745 "

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Hey this is Stu from the above mentioned Coldwater Marine Aquatics :)


I think the shrimp pictured above is actually a Heptacarpus brevirostris, commonly called a Stout Shrimp. They have a bit shorter rostrum than the H. sitchenis ( or H. pictus as it was formerly known in the southern part of its range)


There is actually a LOT of shrimp native along the pacific west coast in cooler waters, and just yesterday I saw probably 3 different ones just off the dock at night.


If anyone wants to get going on a coldwater nano tank for shrimp www.micro-reefs.com is selling their 7.2 gallon AIO right now on sale for $149 :)


Here's some the shrimp we get:


Heptacarpus brevirostris (Stout shrimp)

Heptacarpus carinatus  (Smalleyed Shrimp)

Heptacarpus sitchensis (Sitka shrimp)

Heptacarpus stylys (Stiletto shrimp)


Pandalus danae (Dock shrimp, or coon shrimp)

Pandalus platyceros (Spot shrimp)


Several species of bay shrimp (Crangon spp), they look so close they are hard to ID


We've had in the past Lebbeus groenlandicus (Spiny lebbied) and hope to get more soon.


Should hopefully be getting more Lysmata californica (Red rock shrimp) which are very similar to tropical peppermint shrimp in appearance and are a cleaner species.


The one I'm on the lookout mostly for now is Lebbeus grandimanus (Candy stripe shrimp) which is a gorgeous anemone shrimp that is hosted by large anemones out here.


Strangely enough I've recently been collecting some established invasive freshwater shrimps commonly called a Siberian Prawn (Exopalaemon modestus)


Hit me up with questions about any of the above shirmp or on any temperate marine shrimps anytime :) I got a bunch of pictures of most of these somewhere, but a quick google search of the scientific names should get you plenty.




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Great to see you here too stu!

Thanks :) I'm kind of everywhere it seems, lol.


Glad you found the site Stu, that was quick. Looking forward to some of your pics in the new saltwater section! :) are cold water shrimp any more difficult than tropical shrimp?

 I saw all the hit redirects coming to my website so I thought I should check it out :D  So far they are just as easy as tropical marine shrimp from the ones I've kept.  The biggest issue to overcome is compatible size issues with the shrimp and fish, which is pretty much the same as with any other shrimp except that there are not as many available small fish yet in temperate and coldwater. Best fish are usually small sculpin or goby species, fish like catalina gobies or fluffy sculpins been the best with the smaller shrimps.


Ideally a macro algae/rock tank with anemones and other invertebrates would be the best for focusing on shrimp.  


Great to have your knowledge here Stu!


Thanks :) Hope to be a worthwhile contributor as you guys branch out into the temperate shrimps :)


Here's a couple pictures of some shrimp I sent to the owner of Micro-Reefs in one of his tanks. These are both Sitka Shrimp (H.sitchensis) and you can see they do alright with anemones :D





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