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Tell me you "dont have to suck on it"


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Saw this and wondered how it works.. How do you get the water started going through?    Thought it couldnt hurt to have it around.


(Drip acclimation kit)



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You have to start the siphon to drip or stream.  You can either 1) dip the entire thing in the water and then either close the valve or 2) put your finger over the end that will be outside the tank, or keep your finger over the outside hose or 3) use a bulb or syringe or whatever to start it.


The key is for air not to enter the outside tube since the inside will be in the water.  IN this way you can start the siphon.


Personally, I don't like my hands in the tank much because of unknown chems or whatever on my hands that may cause problems, so I just start by mouth suction.  I misplace a bulb, but I always have my big mouth. LOL

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I admit I do start mine like this lol. But I just put the end in the water and shake it up and down a little this will almost always start the siphon in the line. If now blowing into the line also works to. Wouldnt try the other way though lol I have and its not tasty.

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