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filter media?

Soothing Shrimp

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Good question. I would think saltwater would kill freshwater bacteria. That's my uneducated / non- google search guess[emoji38]

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Personally I don't think it would work.  FWIW, I would just buy some pest free cured live rock from a local reefer to seed your dry rock.  I don't trust live rock at LFSs, usually covered in pests.



I dont know about you but I dont usually get live rock from my local reefer.  LOL

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And also can be very harmful because of the unknown things that are on lr.  While that's not too problematic for fish, shrimp larvae can be eaten by just about anything.


My plan is to remove shrimp larvae and place into a kreisel until stabilizing.  Full control of food will be from there.

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