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Car accident this morning


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Had a car accident this morning on the way to work.


I was driving on the high way, we had heavy rain this morning.

So my car hydroplaned and lost control, turned 180 degree backward and kept spinning. hit the middle concrete divider and bounce to the far right side lane, luckily stopped.


Air bag is not popped.


I was very very lucky, not been hurt.


Not hitting any cars, no car hits my car. It was a miracle.


My car is totalled, but that's it.


Thanks to the LORD.

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so glad you are ok. ive done one of those a time or two. once in rain and the full sized dodge truck decided to slide side ways down the road a ways and once spin out on ice. was super lucky in both cases as well. cars can be replaced people not so much

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Oh, man - so sorry to hear about your car - that sucks.  I'm really glad you were not hurt.  That is amazing you came out unscathed. It's a big storm we are having here in Northern California - We are in flood stage here.  Batten down the hatches, Batman!!

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Glad your safe and sound, and that nobody was injured. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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