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New goldfish arrived!


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Our new ones arrived this morning and they are even prettier than I expected. The red one is an ingot oranda and the white a calico ranchu. I wasn't expecting to love the goldfish this much, but the ranchu have gotten me. These pics are terrible since this is a quarantine tank with no light. I just want to pinch their fat cheeks!



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Nice looking goldfish.  I turned my 120gal tank into a goldfish tank at the "request" of my wife a couple years ago.  It is actually a look cooler then I thought it would be and the goldfish aren't as destructive as I had initially imagined. 


I showed her your pictures and her response was "BUBBLES!"  (referring to the goldfish not the actual bubbles)

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On the males you look for breeding stars on the gill covers, you may see him chasing and bumping the females. I don't know much about it since I haven't had them for long enough. There is a nice thread on here about breeding ranchu:


The fancy ones if they have a wen, long fins or telecope eyes should be kept in a tank with not much in it so they don't hurt themselves or damage their wen which is hard to heal. They are kind of clumsy and the wen can affect their vision.

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