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Recipe for biofilm/probiotic

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I like biofilm/probiotic powders, but it's turning into much money with so many tanks. 


Fish people make and share recipes all the time to save money, and it seems to me like we have so many well educated shrimpers here that we should be able to come up with our own recipe for a biofilm/probiotic.  In fact, I'd love to have a recipe section for all kinds of innovative powders/foods for our shrimp- but baby steps first.


So, to all our members, what would be some ingredients to put into a biofilm/probiotic powder mix?


For starters, here's the ingredients from two popular products:



product #1: Amino acids, polysaccarides, xylanase, glucanase, amylase, protease, hemicellulase, Bacillus subtilis, Pediococcus acidilactici (Lactobacillus)


product #2: lactic acid bacteria, yeast, Bacillus subtilis, grass bacillus, chitin, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid.



I see these two have in common:


Amino acids


Bacillus subtilis




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If it is a powder and not a paste, it sounds promising.  1g for $10.  I think we can take your idea and run with it. :)



So following your lead, I found this for less


Yogo Non-Dairy Yogurt Starter



About $5.50 or so for 20g [4 (5g) packets]  Basically the same ingredients from what you found.


So that would cover 3 Lactobacillus strains.

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Yeah I knew thebettas, goldfish, and koi are the huge things there, I saw a koi that sold for like 5 million dollars once, not in persn but nline it was a huge and very old koi, but it didn't even look that cool, all it had was white with a red circle on the head, I guess its because that's there flag or something like that and it was old.

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Different strokes for different folks, AL10.  If one has the money to play with... :)




Roborep, honestly not looking to sell, simply trying to make things in shrimping more affordable to myself and others.  Nothing beats the original, however when there are many tanks, sometimes we have to be creative to make ends meet. ;)

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I'm almost always in the red, dude. LOL  But back to the thread...



So I'm having a tough time finding bacillis subtilis powder on the cheap, but I did find that Japanese Natto (fermented soy beans) uses bacillis subtilis natto for the process.


After some more research, I found this:




$35 for 15g 


I have to find someplace that has this for less.

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http://www.gemcultures.com/soy_cultures.htm based in Lakewood, WA


Natto Starter Kit: This kit contains the culture, directions and recipes.  Each Kit contains enough starter to make a total of 4.5 pounds of Natto or 3 batches of 1.5 pounds each.  One teaspoon of Natto starter, plus one pound of soybeans will make 1.5 pounds of fresh Natto.

Commercial Natto Starter: A concentrated spore preparation, this vial has sufficient spore to start 48 pounds of dry soybeans making about 86 pounds of natto.


Natto Starter Kit: 11gm makes 4.5 pounds       $4.00  (Limit 20 per order)


Commercial Natto Starter:  3gm(Pure Spore) makes 86 pounds      $14.00 (Limit 2 per order)

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Looking at amino acids right now.  Found some interesting info:


"Some of the amino acids molecules, the polar ones - e.g. Glutamine, Glutamic Acid, Lysine, Arginine Serine etc. - are actually water soluble, observed by themselves. Other, the non-polar ones, are not water soluble, e.g. Leucine, Phenylalanine, Methionine etc.

There are also some, which are non-polar, thus, essentially hydrophobic, but still less strictly segregated from water, usually due to their smaller size (e.g. Alanine, Glycine etc.)."


• Arginine - Arg - R
• Lysine - Lys - K
• Aspartic acid - Asp - D
• Glutamic acid - Glu - E

Polar (may participate in hydrogen bonds):
• Glutamine - Gln - Q
• Asparagine - Asn - N
• Histidine - His - H
• Serine - Ser - S
• Threonine - Thr - T
• Tyrosine - Tyr - Y
• Cysteine - Cys - C
• Methionine - Met - M
• Tryptophan - Trp - W

Hydrophobic (normally buried inside the protein core):
• Alanine - Ala - A
• Isoleucine - Ile - I
• Leucine - Leu - L
• Phenylalanine - Phe - F
• Valine - Val - V
• Proline - Pro - P
• Glycine - Gly - G
So essentially I want to stay away from BCAA powder. (BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS)
Green okay, stay away from red.
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So this may be another case of repackaging.  I stumbled on horse probiotics and it looks as if it has many of these things in it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fastrack-Probiotic-Pack-Equine-Horse-Supplement-5-lbs-/201027678792?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ece2ef248


There may be a better one yet, but this is 5 lbs for $38 with free shipping.

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