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Intl. Japan Shrimp Contest


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Hey guys.

A buddy emailed me the Intl. Shrimp Contest hosted in Japan and I thought if share with you guys on SS.


Might need chrome to translate but it's worth it. [emoji1]


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I now see the shrimp that I want next lol those are quite impressive.


Yup buddy. Just wanted to share some cool winners with everyone and make them drool a little bit. These guys are definitely beautiful.  If you ever get a chance to get them, I would highly recommend it.  Noticed that a few winners are not Japanese based breeders, which is really awesome.


I didn't realized until reviewing this list again for the 3rd time (when the eye cannot read it skips I suppose) that EbiLab won 1st place in one of the Red Bee competition. I wrote and entry in my blog about that store during my last visit to HK. The owner is a cool guy. :D


I *am* a little disappointed that they don't have neos shown though.


I think I know where this is leading.... Are you saying WE SHOULD HAVE A NEO CONTEST??? I think you should be the host, Bryce.  :D

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