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Just wanted to say hi


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It's been awhile since I've been here... just too busy with work. Soothing Shrimp hauled me back here (thanks!) and I'm so happy to see it's grown into a wonderful forum. It had all the promise to become one when I was last here. Great job, everyone! :)


Alas, I'm currently shrimpless. My last rili died last month. I've downsized my tanks. I only have 3 now... a 10g with white clouds (all homegrown), a TruAqua European Bowfront (about 8 gallons), and an Evolve8. The last two only had snails until a couple days ago. The bowfront is now home to 5 boraras brigittae (chili rasbora). It's soooo nice to see movement in there. I would have gotten some shrimp if the local store had any in stock, but they were out. I'm hoping to add some RCS come spring.


Anyway, it's good to be back. I see some familiar names as well as some new ones. I'm catching up in between working, so I have some fun in my day. It's good to be back. :)

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My bowfront: o5SR69r.jpg  You can sort of see one of the chilis way in the background. They're still adapting, so they're a bit pale.


My Evolve8: xcstPHV.jpg  No fish, just snails at this time.


10 gallon: 7L3cJqb.jpg  White clouds.


I hope these pics come through. I haven't posed pics on a forum in a long time. :P Sorry for the poor cell phone pics.

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Love my white clouds, chibi... these were all hatched out here. They seem a lot less skittish than their parents were.


Got the TARDIS on eBay, Meta... look for Doctor Who aquarium decorations. They also have a Cyberman head. :)


Nice to see you again, Merth!


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back. I'm still trying to catch up on all I missed. :)

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