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Hello from Transylvania (Romania, Europe)


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putting it shortly i am a biologist alwazs loving fish, shrimps, plants and mosses. Been in Germany at a specialised petshop for 5 years. now i am back in transylvania, doing my best to specialise (as a hobbist) in mosses. Hopefully i will get to show here some more nice things in the months and years to come. Nano, shrimps, aquascaping, paludariums, saltwater, plants in vitro propagation (about 17 years ago), fish disease and treatment, imports of fish would be the main things i have done in this domain.







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it was bread out of sakura shrimp about 2011 (after about 8/10 generations, do not rememer now exactly), called Royal Blood Sakura. I selected it. In the end i sold the entire group to someone in Poland, haven't heard of them since.


Now i will work on the same project, and if i succeed it will be the sakura royal blood 2.0. but it is a mather of time and a little bit of luck, i have to admit it.


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yes, that is true, i got the same feeling, back in 2011 i didnt heard of kanoko. you can check some shrimpsite with the name i posted and follow, which how derived.. i cannot give you the best answer, i only did my job separately... but they are somehow related in optics.

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a small thing... maybe have been overlooked.. the first two pictures i have posted are nanoaquascaping.... i mean 400 mililiter (o,4 liters) volume... it is a ferrero rocher giftbox like in the picture i attached under... in US volumetric measure it is 0,105 gallons..



i can only recomend these small boxes, are ideal for such aquascapes... and i recommend to see the nanotank scapes in the large resolution to enjoy the scape....


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