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Amazing Malawa Params!

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OKay, so you know how I've said that my Malawa- once to their destination- are about the most hardy shrimp I have found?


Well, they do so well, I kinda have a hands off policy with that tank doing wc, etc.  Since they eat just about anything, they get flake, any fish that happen to die, cray molts/any crays that die, etc.  I have so many, if I don't feed protein, they go after each other so they are the ideal clean up crew for the circle of life.


Today, just out of curiosity I checked my Malawa tank's TDS and GH...


Ready for this?


TDS 723


GH 34


Those readings made me drop my jaw!!! LMAO!!!  No wonder they are so hardy!!!  And what's more, they still breed like mad and have no problems with survival!


Perhaps it's time for me to work my way back to an ideal param in that tank.  No? LOL

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Wow, that IS amazing.

Especially since I think one of my friends bought his Malawa from you, and his source water is basically 0 GH (he probably does add calcium since he does know what he's doing, but certainly not THAT much).

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Holy crap soothing.  LOL  You are a bad bad malawa mommy!!!     (says they person who put them in an uncycled tank and they continue to berry)   admittedly I havnt seen many live babies even though about 7 of them  were berried.   Maybe the babies arnt as hardy.... or maybe they are just to hard to see.  

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Ah, I was figuring that as I added my tap water which has the same TDS and with evaporation increasing concentrations. It would have climbed by now. O well omits just one less water issue to deal with.

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Whatever is growing in that tank is apparently absorbing just enough out of the water to keep the number steady. I think Meta just found water more magical than NYC.

Well my water is from the fabled tug hill plateau. Where unicorns and albino moose roam free.

Also my kh of 6 and gh 7. PH is always 7.4. From what I have read It should be good for OIBT

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