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Hello from Bangalore, India


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Hello Guys,


Firstly, Happy New Year to you all.


I am Karthik, from Bangalore, India. I have been an aquarium hobbyist since childhood. However, I got into serious fishkeeping, scaping etc. only about a year back. Before that, it was only oscars, big fish etc, you know the general fishkeeping stuff. I presently work in a Swedish Company called Alfa Laval.


I have kept some shrimps beofe, RCS, Sakura, Amano Shrimp etc. However, they were in "community" tanks. Now I have decided to be a bit more serious in Shrimp Keeping. I have made a 1' cube tank recently (currently in cycling) for shrimps, planning to get either CRS or Blue neocardinia. I shall post the pics of it in a separate thread and make a journal.





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