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Lowest ph moss?

Soothing Shrimp

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LOL  I think I'm going to.  I found out that the moss I am growing at 6.3 or so has no hair algae, while the moss right next tank over at 7+ has massive amounts. 


I started to get black beard, but when I dropped the ph a bit under 6.3 it too went away.


I'm getting tired of throwing away moss due to hair algae infestation, and am thinking if i can put the moss in a ph of 5 or under, perhaps it will kill the hair algae and leave the moss still healthy.  Then just reuse it again.  :)

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the thing is the most algae love pH over 7..... and develope agressively once the water parameters go ober ph7.5 and plenty of light is given.


on the other hand those who have seen watermosses in nature, know that mosses love softwater in remote areas where no industry (i mean usually tens of miles or more up to closest industrial areas) and very soft water.. so as a general ideea the most mosses love it in soft acid water and 6-6.5 should be ideal for the most moss species. i do know some mosses that live in pH of 5, but those are mostly in the sphagnum group that has not much representatives in the submerged world (stil some of sphagnum live there).

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I noticed that I had hair algae developing quickly in a cycling tank all over my java moss.  Once the cycle was finished and I did a water change out from tap at 7.6ph to remineralized RO the tank ph went down to 6.4 and the hair algae died almost overnight.

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